When Pei Naochun old age, son an北京夜网d daughter often by his side, Pei Dai Jun and Gu Changqin that time they also have reached retirement age, they are happy to be transferred to the company’s management of the subsidiary cultured together with him around the world he from time to time in the studio, the show a show a family of three tourist scene, live among Laopei also expand to open a new business, from cuisine interbank classification to classify tourism.
  Until his death, Pei Dai Jun and Gu Zhangqin are loving as ever, the two together, some time later, but so can cherish your partner every day, eyes, heart, all love.Pei also followed Naochun eat a lot of dog food.
  Pei Naochun at the last moment of life, the two hands overlap, then quietly closed his eyes, he knew that this life daughter, to find a man right, but also become a powerful, all-conquering, even if not杭州桑拿洗浴hing can survive the Jedi.He did this father, no longer a drag on her daughter, no regrets.
  [Eighth qualified assessment of the world]

Chapter 67 run up it, young!(One)?(four)
  ”Dr. Pei Pei doctors.”One of the points to go to work, lunch break in the nursing station nurses, doctors will give all woke up and ready for the afternoon’s work, sitting organize medical clinic nurses received a call from downstairs, and found the lunch break into a separate office to rest Pei Naochun, and did not wake up on time, to the downstairs Zuozhen, “that outpatient shout it, said to have hung out a few of the 10th!You may have to go as soon as possible. ”
  She hesitantly looked Pei Naochun face, always keep the other party, at the moment it seems to be just wake her: “Pei doctor, you are not uncomfortable?Or let me go first to protect people long无锡夜网 for you for a while?”
  ”Nothing, I just forgot to tune alarm clock, slept.”Pei Naochun waved his hand, stood up, put behind a chair draped in a white lab coat put on the body,” Thank you, I’ll