Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, June 23 message, the Chinese listed company insiders are selling at a record pace this stock。According to the HSBC (HSBC) provided the first half of insider net selling amounted to 460 billion yuan。  Data show that in May alone listed company executives and big shareholders cash in 145 billion yuan, 100 billion yuan and cash three weeks ago in June。To date, the average monthly net cash insiders this year amounted to 80 billion yuan, much higher than the average in 2013 and 2014 of about 10 billion yuan。Figure A-share listed company insiders a record amount of cash at the same time, outsiders (ie retail investors) but at a record pace of borrowing to buy chase。As of Friday's close, A-share margin financing balance of 2.27 extremely billion yuan, compared with the end of 20141.03 trillion doubled。Recent regulatory agencies to strengthen the management of securities margin trading business, the business scale and net capital linked to margin requirements of a single securities company the balance of the Company shall not exceed four times before the end of January net capital。  Massive cash insiders, outsiders leverage continue to accumulate, which is likely to be the main reason for the recent A-share decline caused severe。The biggest weekly decline last week, the Shanghai index fell to 4478 points from 5166 points, down more than 13%, the highest since the financial crisis。However, after the holidays, the market opened on Tuesday to restore the Chinese stock market rebounded strongly 2.2%, to close at 4576 points。(Shofu compilation)