Wind, the Saola leaves, brush the dust from the streets, Mo Han Yan, distanced depths of winter, long the heart, the only ray of goods Xianchou.Can not remember how many times a man, leaning against the corner light, quiet overlooking the sky covered by bronze-colored, gray sky, leaving a dull repressed people.Worry, but at that moment light show, with a wisp of loneliness, a ray of leisure, floating free in the country where the Imagination.    Cold dry gentle breeze, and howling moment blowing behind the bone puncture, monotonous repetition of steps guarding years, without waiting to become beautiful fruit desolate, expect a blessing alone, only lock puzzle pieces made into a high wall, prisoner innocent, only loved the story of flying all the way, as there are endless years of emotion between the lines in.    Time is too short, watch how many people have changed; inconstancy of human relationships, how much fate Renzouchaliang.Some could not bear, can only be in my heart; Some could not help but to pretend to forget.Many put down, it does not matter in the end is still not afford to lose; a lot of Going, or whether it is not worth the Heartbreakers.Real pain, to know how your heart is tired; really understand, to recognize the drop is a beauty.    If the bonds of the dream, drink a cup of tea lovers.Shengruxiahua dyed a worldly vicissitudes.Life is a face of the earth fireworks Wife shallow edge, shake hands with a smile regret the way, when the Songhua wine banquet Spring Sencha, do not open a.    Picked up the past patches of leaves, Xianzhi light around, Inclined through clouds, deep in the end time Yanbo, fleeting, who is waiting for thousands of years to forget who forget the thousand years of loyal?Cut overnight streamer, led by a situation, Yilianyoumeng Qingshenyuanqian, pens fall clouds, both ends of the End of the World, who became obsessed with the heart figure who, who who became a life hurried traveler, who in whose behind the quiet waiting?    Time is like a piece of paper hastily instruments, among indifferent Feelings, then rubbed into the earth in all the joys and sorrows, passed and became forever marshes.Heart of the sea rafting, his writings have been at my residence refused to leave, I become when I look back in the lights, plain quietness with me Love, listen to the sound of broken branches blossom again.Speed cross-flow years and over, feeling the shuttle is still a long road, a flash back, already had a lot of Spring.Promise had betrayed the promise is a debt, cut the time in the memory, let the cool wind blowing thoughts, and it gets those elegant sadness together released into the atmosphere, the light dance..Magnificence do, bury the marshes.