Even in the cold of winter ice Joseph, I can still see the streets of flowers in full bloom.Illuminated sun is straight down through the lonely tree branches, like a picture frame, a small town across the river of the piece, also red of the sunset in silence into a beautiful fairy tale.In that iced depicting scenery, I suck the cold, look at the crystal listen to the voices of flowers.  Listen red roses tell I have a lot of love in the bud grow, listening plain yellow carnations that soon returning to the greeting and blessing, is lopsided camel ironed out years of scars.I also heard a whisper of beautiful lily, timidly opened the buttons of the soul, shirt unbuttoned is the kind of original beauty, there are magnificent eternal.  Like flower Meijuan, the Mood for Love, like flowers Siyu.I saw the woman’s face is how to soak the flower juice, a woman’s taste what melted the fragrance of flowers.Jie should be with a blue heart Hui quality woman, a soft spot for plants and flowers.School days, holidays Jie often pull me to the Nanshan tall outside the town, and every time a rewarding experience, those flowers unknown weeds, swept up a bunch of colorful to take home.At that time the city also can not find a flower shop, clapping the beat of fashion yet those of us in the pan full of poetic girl who.Especially in the spring, the hills are covered with azaleas Jie became pleasing pet, pick a few large holding home Jie will be inserted all over her home all the gardening utensils.  I love to spend time not very Jie always joke too girlish.And Jie said she was quite appreciate the cuckoo, the kind of bright red as blood, rendering this is how beautiful life.Yes, now it not Jie red azalea flower it!Love flowers Jie told me that “flower bone” word, I say you Hu ridiculed what flowers where’s the bone, she said stubbornly flowers such as people’s own bone support, and there was a low bath obsequiousness, there are proud and awe-inspiring , there are elegant fairy bone.  Now I want to buy a bunch to go to the cuckoo still at home recuperating Jie, then winter is no cuckoo, even fashionable flower shop can not find common not hypocritical azaleas.Or buy several flower colors of carnations, adding two awe-inspiring gladiolus into the sky, where the accident at the florist I also saw many of those lily, lily boss said more expensive, not many people buy, so goods are also into less.And in my opinion, would be touching white and ashamed, I can not help think of Ru Zhijuan pen that shy young man brave warrior?And so it is not Jie?  Jie is describe her brave and chivalrous sense in a snowy night.Usually as hard to imagine as Fa Lin Jie overflowing would be so steadfast in upholding fought the bad guys go, that Xuefei Dance the night, on the way back Xiaye Ban Jie, middle-aged women in order to help a stranger to take back the bad guys snatched purses, Jie therefore severely beaten by the bad guys, that bright red drops of blood at the foot of the Jie patch of snow to color, like a blossoming peach early awakening, Shining brilliant people.  When I put that beam combination of lilies, carnations, gladiolus flowers to give Jie, Jie our eyes.Yes, Jie have done this winter’s first lilies, and stern orthopedic, or may also be a shiny red azalea flower, Chinese mining thicken the sauce thick liquid of life.Zhennai bone woman a flower!