REVIEW Time flies, we are really weak, we are unable to retain what.Each of us, unfortunately, are compared and time, and are tiny compared to the history, because we are only guests and guests!  Autumn wind blowing at night, moon worry on top, overlooking the stars crazy language, Acacia unmanned v..  Heavy drinker intoxicated, but why not, sleepless nights, streamer easy to throw people to leave when Iraqi shadow when.  - “Love child order” Mid-Autumn night, no bells, no Wu Ti, frost did not fall, only the moon water.A man walking in the courtyard downstairs and saw the wind had a trace, not into the woods flowers.  The rise of the full moon, full moon, stars and saw thin, I seem to see Chang-e Wu Gang, the moon and drink and a laugh, but also like using alcohol at the table were the two bitter.In any case, the two reunited, always a happy thing.But I was not a trace of joy, as if a wire tied to his heart, did not know where it came from, always feel a pair of hands in the correct inexplicable pull it, little by little, more and heart the smaller the.Sometimes inexplicably sad, inadvertently, he said it was gratuitous worry is like having, I do not want to argue, or call it Qiuchou.Just looking at the night, my mind will be produced above a tie “Acacia children make” word.  A person walking in the open on the road, either autumn wind Yi Mei fluttering, face cool earth, but still like the feeling of the wind stroking.I saw the distant shadows Xuxu, pale flowers, hearts suddenly a sense of lonely, disconsolate sense of creeping, Acacia taste occupy the minds of the entire space crazy, it’s like an invisible jabs my eye, so I can not help but shed tears.It may be “alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro,” the lonely, perhaps “wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated,” thoughts, but for whatever reason, I found myself long, long time no one had to tears, suddenly found himself somewhere else, but sad for no reason when the heart has a lot of inexplicable sigh.She lamented that her looks smoke Love quietly lost, lamented that her heart pain as Si Yi people, lamented that her put a smile to greet the rain.Yes, this life, there are many valuable things we doomed to lose, there are many difficulties and we need to face the wind and rain.  Experienced the wind and rain of the people, not afraid of wind and rain baptism, only Xiaoying rainbow after the rain coming.Each individual can only chew Love is shrinking time, worry about the mess from the injury torment.But everyone’s different feelings, different ways to select the face of it.As this autumn autumn, rain and wind are the same, but different listen carefully to everyone’s point of view, and therefore there is joy, there are lingering meaning, more desolate pathos of the King.And tonight I am a person suddenly stands alone in the open or on the road, but also a lonely landscape, but no one can enjoy it.I am a sentimental person, in fact, this sentence is somewhat hypocritical, in this wonderful thing, there are a few people are not sentimental, they just do not say it.  I was only invited guests of a time.Walk all the way towards further afield, leaving the youth, to middle-aged, middle-aged and then leave, to the elderly, and finally out of time.Can be time flies, we are really weak, we are unable to retain what.Each of us, unfortunately, are compared and time, and are tiny compared to the history, because we are only guests and guests!No one can really grasp their own destiny.You can select just in front of a featureless road, or just a way for their own walk.Only in this way, we will encounter a lot of things, a lot of people, but most of the people and things will slip away from us, not even a trace.But there are some people and things in life is difficult to forget, those unforgettable people and things, it is time to find yourself a lifetime of.For example, the fate of the people who live in Concert, time can not change, she says, but not the time to make people forget.  Therefore, in this short life of the river, who do not have a sleepless night of it?A person who has not yet Acacia?As I did tonight, riding the moonlight and night, in any case could not sleep, I felt a shadow standing in your heart, and laid hold of the heart of Flanagan thin wire, miss her..On this night, you suddenly see her and your eyes on the TV, Angela’s, is revealed to returning to the warm, you are not unconsciously shed tears it?