Bonsai bonsai Maoxing Kai Fu who, by definition, to see the great small, home landscape in the basin, concentrated natural world charm.Three-dimensional picture to show silent, recite poetry of speech.Xia and Shang beginning of the Tang and Song molding, evolution millennium, heritage Wanzai.Boutique numerous genres, learn learn, reform and innovation. Bonsai way, blending in rhyme type Shanfanjiujian, Midas.Yu bonsai, landscape products, hair poetic, spiritual cultivation.Miraculous, variable artificial Tiancheng.Song said: pool basin get clever temptress wide, high mountains to the front of the mountains near the tree to charm, Murdoch trek thanks to Zen Garden. US bonsai, landscape gardening, straight from the heart, wonderful interesting phenomena.That too proud or even a dead end, regardless of melancholy thousands, though he happy situation ten thousand kinds.To reflect the situation were to anthropomorphic objects, nature and man, I was blending.Poetry and literature abdominal, chest hidden Vals, meaning far higher grid, pour it DDB. Technical bonsai, Poetry therebetween, tree-set to form the formula.Trial to be accurate, hard to cut.Fine to coarse stay, go away to stay close to big to stay small, stay straight to music, go to the left side, stay low to high.Roots exposed, dry rough, dense branches and leaves fine; Zhang Shan, foot tree, horse-inch, sub-human.At cursory be sparse, dense at unventilated..Prioritize, virtual and real, well spacing, lining each movement, dew Tibetan, hardness and softness, dry wing contrast, opposites. Bonsai law, existed since ancient times, until modern times, getting more chic.And teacher discipline, law has focused on: bonsai trees, champion, bonsai landscape, dotted supplement.Lingnan “build wood cuttings dry,” Sichuan School “potential if the valley of death,” Supai “fine bar fine cut,” Young School “original clouds”, only the Three Gorges family, “Emotion naturally tall and straight.”.The remaining Zhupai, each with age, try to figure out observation, into the brain and heart. I of bonsai, came out of many doors, Chongshang Ling south, taking into account the miscellaneous school, the Three Gorges holding, acquired exclusive.Elderly and frail, less lofty, environmental limitations, according to local conditions.Control the scale, increase product variety, originality based, build quality.Shuiju whole grain rope bag, hammer hoe cut saws are available.Cliff climbing, walking embankments, identify novelty, hacked.Underwear bruised, blistered hands and feet strings.Occasional treasures, heart, Fucking, hands are back pack, hungry are forgotten.One into the scene, ten years of hard work, originality, and day to build..These bonsai, Vivid.Home of the hall, shabby homes even more elegant; home of the courtyard, the March also if Huaichun.Extreme art, artistic conception intoxicated Chun. Wu Fu bonsai, gentlemen Message.A scene of two three pots, a raised planted two Mishina.Go impetuous, inner strength.Loneliness, defensible poor.Quick success difficult masterpiece; the only money is degrading reputation map.Are all colorful scene, a leaf of customs intelligence, wit Tibetan miniature world, the spirit of a long bonsai Kingdom. (October 12, 2017 at colleagues den)