Yu Pei Ling side to know not so fond of himself, he told her confession might be Yushu Shu Shu behest, but she does not care, to have a chance soon fell in love she has been very satisfied, the family dinner, inarticulate she just wanted to continue to take the initiative to speak Quxianjiuguo, Yu Pei sure to get the family to obtain recognition Pei Yu.
  But still failed.
  After dinner, Yu Chak and Bo Dina car go first, and Fang Yu Pei Ling to sit in the back seat, robust driver got into the driver’s seat in the front row started the car.
  Fang Ling was about to talk about today’s meal, Pei Yu smiled and spoke up: “Sorry to Ling.I think we better off as friends.”
  Long black Bentley drove forward steadily, car drivers without blinking an eye, as if nothing happened things back police.
  ”why?”Fang Ling to panic, she stared at Yu Pei:” I say anything wrong tonight it?”
  ”I think you will like Big Brother.Sorry.”Yu Pei said:” The family is very important to me, and I do not want to they do not like the people together.”
  She is hated by Yu Chak yet.
  Side to Ling sad and disappointed, but also because it can last second and Yu Pei exchanges and ascended to heaven, the seconds and slid back into the cold reality.