But even before going abroad parted, she actually took the pen, letter, piece of paper, to accompany her to England for five years.
  And then brought back.
  She used to have proper collection, after breaking both did not want to throw the original Xiao mind, nor should he want to return to the phrenic.
  But if the original Xiao knew she was no longer single, but still my heart remembered once owed her desire to nine, maybe she would find him in honor of the unknown future, then it is better to back him or.It can be considered a segment taking.
  ”Xiao original.I.I’m not going to honor these wishes.”XIA away softly,” I do not keep them for a longer.”
  ”.”Xiao looked at the original document pocket nor even a trace of the crease inside pages yearbook, this is nothing but a thin piece of paper, improperly stored easily damaged, but also the hearts of hindsight to reflect over.If XIA do not take these things away to England, then, it is impossible to Take five minutes out, he wanted to return.
  Original Xiao’s face, it has eased some.
  She did not want to keep, because have a boyfriend yet?
  Wangle Yan Xiao own original coat of arms, and ultimately still avert his gaze, Side