”Lu tetra, you really powerful, I knew I put the rain called Zhang.”Zhang rain is th北京夜网e son of the president, the family books and more, just tear do tofu, tofu is he playing with people also took two wins from the kind of hands, a win on three, you lose it lose 3 a stimulating.
  The whole school, how many did not dare to play.
  Liu Dabao Zhang rain to play their say, Lu Jianxun said he was not interested, his aim is to pencils, textbooks are not torn, and he did not play Zhang drizzle them.
  ”Lu tetra, press your tofu on the table feet long?I also go home with a pressing legs.”Lu Jianxun too much, others do not dare his tofu, because the fight will not turn wasted opportunity, not worth.Liu Bao Lu Jianxun eager to know how to make tofu do not hit the turn.
  ”Twenty-three hours of it, you try to go home tube regardless of use.”
  Other people hear in the classroom, have excited, just the textbooks into books, thrown over your shoulder would happily go about Lu Jianxun before leaving again tomorrow.
  ”Well, tomorrow afternoon after school.”
  Liu Bao recently every day, lose, lose more to win, a way to hear from the mouth of Lu Jianxun, immediately army green bag and pulled out a new tofu, he had just done, tore two Erbao language bo杭州桑拿ok, ” Lu tetra, how do you like my tofu, not to dismantle the re-do?”
  Lu Jianxun staring glances, “my rock tofu is done, you let him show you.”
  Because I do not know the rain will become larger, each classroom to play the voice of tofu have disappeared, Lu Lu Jianxun rock outside the classroom waiting for them a home and learned that Lu Jianxun won two pencils, no surprise he read the book of farmers are doing badly, Lu Jianxun win two pencils there any wonder, he said, to win two pencils are small, Lu Jianxun the ability to win 20, 200 is not a problem.
  Lu Jianxun of their own also have this confidence, the way he and West of good things, determined not to let Xue Huahua know that th