Ticker May 9, the Heat to 115-78 rout of the Bulls at home, will always tie 1-1。
  LeBron – James scoreless second half, the audience got 19 points, nine assists and five rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 15 points and five assists, and Chris Bosh – 13 points, Mario – Charles Palmer Sri Lanka 11 points。 Bench – Ray Allen scored 21 points, Norris – Cole third of 4 from 4, scored 18 points。
  Bulls general Joe King – Noah and Taki – Gibson in the fourth quarter were expelled。 Joakim Noah had 12 points and six rebounds, Nate – Robinson 11 points, Marco – Marco Belinelli 13 points and six assists, 8 points Gibson。   Home defeat in the first battle, this is not something new for the Heat。
Last year the Eastern Conference semifinals, they had behind the Pacers comeback under the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics, they are 2-3 behind in the case, even in the finals opener, they lost to the Thunder。 Heat eventually overcome difficulties and become a championship。   After losing the first game, the Heat not in a hurry, but in today's game, they significantly strengthen the defense, from the opening, the two sides full of the smell of gunpowder Road。   Bulls won the first will not be satisfied, NOAA claims that they will still remain very hungry state, but also to play better。   Tit result, the referee blew the first half 28 fouls, and five technical foul, a foul。 While the Bulls still plays hard, but in the face of James into the score mode, they account for less than cheap。
  The first two offensive game would end in a foul。
After Robinson missed two free throws, grabbed the offensive rebound, but also missed shots。 Heat the first attack launched by the Wade, at the time the basket is 贝里内利拉, Wade out of bounds, the ball hit him Belinelli, the results eat a technical foul。
After Belinelli throws a ball, Wade made two free throws, free throws opened the scoring with both sides。
  In the last game, James first section only 2 points。
Today he is a very strong desire to attack, the first section there are 5 minutes and 14 seconds, he ran anti cut into the basket, the ball reached the timely Wade, James alley-oop dunk with both hands, the Heat will recover as the score 14-15。 After Chalmers hit three-pointers, James steals succeeded, one-stop fast-break play up front, one-handed dunks to end, the Heat 9-0 attack to 21-15 beyond。
This section concludes with an attack, James rushed the crowd, then turned and hit a buzzer, the Heat to 25-20 lead。 James first section 6 from 6, 12 points for Houston, scoring all from the basket。
  Heat even started full-court press。
Section played nearly two minutes later, Anderson hit Belinelli was off, Anderson eat a flagrant foul, hit two free throws after Belinelli, Teague also eat a technical foul。
In this tense atmosphere, the Bulls hit rate has dropped, the lack of people can score, the Heat has remained stable, and gradually widen the gap。
This section there are 7 minutes 06 seconds, Bosh hit two free throws, the Heat to 38-28 double-digit advantage。 Robinson also by the Bulls to a record one-third, once the gap to four points, but Wade and James have been hit, turn the gap opened。
Cole end of this section 1 minute 12 seconds third hit twice Heat to 55-41 halftime。
Bull in the last 2 minutes and 10 seconds without a point。   James scored 19 first half points, 7 points Wade, Allen 9 points, 8 points Cole。 Butler 9 being the highest Bulls, Noah and Robinson each had 8 points。
Heat% hit rate, while the Bulls only%。
  In the second half, the Bulls still can not find ways to score, and in the defense, the Heat also do anything, widening the gap between the two sides。 In this section there are 4 minutes and 27 seconds, Chalmers hit one Heat to 75-47 lead 28 points。 In the entire five minutes, the Bulls failed to hit a ball, this section there until 3 minutes and 41 seconds before the administration succeeded in Gibson。 James to attack the first half, but after the lead, reducing the number of shots, this section did not score again, but repeatedly assists teammates。 This section there are 2 minutes 02 seconds, James back to the basket, hit the ball, Alan basket ball easy layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast。
In this section there are 34 seconds, James break through to the basket after the still shot, choosing instead to pass to the right corner of Allen, who hit third, the Heat to 85-54 lead 31 points。
After three sessions, James is still 19 points, the Heat to 85-56 lead。
  James sitting on the sidelines fourth quarter, the Heat only 1 minute to let the outcome completely lost suspense。 Battier and Cole hit third in succession – Ray Allen layup and cause foul thereafter。
NOAA call directed at the referee, the result was blown a second technical foul, was ejected。
When Allen free throws, Gibson began to criticize the referee, the results ate two technical fouls, was also expelled。
Allen accept, hit all four free throws, hit the "2 + 4" in this attack, scored 6 points, the Heat to 97-56 lead 33 points。
  James did not play again the necessity of the Bulls even come in the few appearances of Vladimir – Vladimir Radmanovic。 Heat wave of attacks began this section 18-2, in the game there are 8 minutes 28 seconds to 104-58 lead 46 minutes。 Radmanovic doing well, in 2 minutes hit three three-pointers, but only slightly narrowing the gap。