"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 22: World Cup group match of the few big score, Macy has appeared in the last runner-up Argentina in the game, but Argentina is a party defeated。Croatia surprisingly big score 3-0 victory over Argentina, the Pampas eagle pushed to the edge of the cliff。Real Madrid midfielder Heikki Zupan?i? said before the game Lionel Messi of Argentina in addition to other positions are weaker than Croatia interview。Although for 梅西科瓦契 odd touches respectful, but his words are still a lot of media and fans was interpreted as arrogance。After the match, but the results point of view, how is wrong with Heikki Zupan?i? say it?Heikki Zupan?i? before Messi said Argentina is the only advantage, he said: "Argentina is according to Lai Meixi, even though they are in other locations also have great players。Most of the time, Messi should take care of others, he is a phenomenal player, he can solve the game at any time。We do not need to be afraid of Argentina, because in addition to Macy's, our personal ability is stronger than Argentina, so we should do well, look at yourself and not caring。"In the game, the Croatian players who really did 'see themselves without concern for others' that。Compared to Argentina's disarray, Croatia fully dedicated themselves to other factors thrown in the back of the head。Although Argentina's Lionel Messi has a superior ability of such individuals world-class players, but more emphasis on the overall Croatia have Modric, Rakitic, Heikki Zupan?i? Perisic, 布罗佐维奇, Man Zhu Keech, Lovren rich Garza Ricoeur so that the effectiveness of the wealthy star, but compared to Argentina's players get together in the front court, three lines more balanced Croatia。From the status and results of the game point of view, not to mention all of Croatia in addition to Macy's strong position than Argentina, even if you count the mediocre performance of such Messi, Croatia 11 people on the field to be superior than their opponents。