The end of the lunar calendar, finally went to the.  I vaguely heard of Mr. Lu Xun “blessing” sound.  Count it again this year?It seems indifferent.  In fact, some heart panic, I was not ready to what the New Year.  Friends went to the United States because the Chinese New Year, the same can not make the trip in Hainan.  This time I decided to go to Shaoxing, want to actively look for a look for the beans flavored with aniseed Ah Q, want to see Shen Garden of Reproduction.  They went to see “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Chuang happy Year of the Dragon” and 3D “Monkey King”, I am a person to see the final “Jinling 13 hairpin”.When you see the bracelet entrusted askew, I finally filled with tears, not too innocent when both girls also prostitutes, which a child young dream?  I’ve given lust for life reduced fat, heart than in previous years but also more of a relaxed.Some people leave this world, it was born.Life is coming to an end eventually get the job, carefully read, seriously confront each of my family and friends, I more often in written form, peacock.  Went to buy a few books, only in Fuzhou Road, my heart was slowly and gradually settled.I like the rows of books soothe my soul, despite some pain in my eyes.To the text, I am a prisoner of pious manner, because holding in the hands of every book I regarded it as my dark lights.  Because the “Jinling 13 hairpin,” I bought Treats “Siao Yu” I know it was perfected over tea Rene Liu.  I love to read Kenzaburo Oe have been less, because my temperament more I read Kawabata.This time I bought Oe “Why should children go to school” on education, I still have my affection.Songjiang last time I had a friend of mine and I said, maybe someday I might go to a village in Guizhou to support education.He smiled, and I know that I can hardly make the trip.I do not envy Ye Xin wrote “wasted years”, if you must have that kind of life.  Following the “future inch Heart” and “Red Mansion small talk,” This time I bought the Cultural Studies of “Cultural Studies comment on four classic”.In this ripe old age several times into the “Lecture Room” old man, he should be more than worthy of our respect yizhongtian.  Last bought a “Nalan Dictionary comment,” I began to trust Su Ying, this time I bought his “Human Words commenting”.Barley said that each time she read “Human Words” almost incense wash their hands, and I appreciate her attitude toward books.For people who really love books, your favorite book is the Bible of her mind.  Zhang Yongyi, a professor at the University of foreign literature teacher, because the “desire of life and death,” I believe absolutely that he would not send some lecture classes and then hurry.I have reason to believe that his passion there calmly.  If the “Meditations” Let the Prime Minister of a large country dreaming, even if we are not blind obedience, at least believe Good Books.Because open philosophy also know there are some people in this world unknown as Huaihong.”Philosophical consolation” of Boethius, although he did not, like Plato’s reputation, but I believe Dante tribute to his.  Read Liu Yong years, some of the learned man says he’s just Jack, as long as it can nourish our souls, what it will not do?He is more commendable is that rural education with China’s own royalties to convey his good deeds, he has donated more than hope primary schools as evidence.Write “Listen Liu Yong stresses acted” who called in Ke positive, he is reading a certain way of listening, listening to Liu’s characters meet by chance, but to his eternal moment.  Finally talk about Xu Jun far “Reading and pregnant people,” If you do not see this book I never know Xu Jun far this man, like I recommend never knew before reading wooden heart wooden heart ChenDanQing.This world, there are too many like Pessoa and Kafka, like people, must be after years of wind and frost will pearly exudes tea text.  .This year is also in a hurry, although do not read on the toilet right away on the pillow, I still read some of the greatest efforts beautiful soul.Also possible to transfer this to my wonderful friends, or writing to the words and deeds of the way.I do not spread Matthew, I do not go preach Platform Sutra, I just want to tell the world in a literal way, caught up in the world we need to write the original “transparent carrots” such as the mind clear sky like Mo Yan.  Overcast days when the rain is still time, I did not meet some of the still new for the glasses, I drink a glass of milk, to when he last in the storm Pavilion.I’m always talking about the same: If you ask a dream career was originally.I know, I even Liu Yuxi, I never write “Lou Shi Ming”.  But I still, Rivers of water Rivers months, clear water and cold days, a solitary.