Opened the book and looked at human tragicomedy, enjoy the happiness of parents and childhood.At dawn, I felt a smile gently move the corner, pulling clothes at school told.Inscription fell on the mother bedside, watching her sleeping kind face, light hand fiddled with her ear gray hair.Transfer from the window and let the wind away melancholy, bring a wave of beauty; let the mist of the deep, awakening sun Seiitsu; full of quiet smile.    I carefully open with a heavy heart river closure, repetitive thinking about the past, but the past can not repeat, repeat the only time of day, time can only record had experience, experience is just an experience, experience is growing process, but the process will always be an endless stream of fine silk silk, silent, deep Wan Yue dim fluttering in the breeze, and it seems like love songs like wander afar.    Smoke wind away, trampled underfoot is the dream Cantabile.Life is experience, but experience feelings, to face, like just learning to walk, like, smiling, smiling.The front face of calm.    Mother looked tired closed eyes, a calm sleep, forget the pain that has been abandoned; Jin Zhao tears in the eyes, blurred dawn watching the light show put.Dizzy forget wandering, tired stick hearts desire; once home to children in an effort to silence, and understand the gift of mercy is not subtle fragrance of flowers.So, everything flying.    There is a drug I would also like you do not want to buy, because not buy, that is not the standard price, there is only one expression of sense; opened the book and looked at human tragicomedy, enjoy the happiness of parents and childhood.At dawn, I felt a smile gently move the corner, pulling clothes at school told.Everyone is struggling for love, truly alive failed to make good love, love eventually end his life, what could be more sorry than this it?    Only hope can cherish together in a day, do not lose crying after not doing its part.Because a lot of things, especially love, once lost, can not be repeated, but it is a continuation of life capability.Care and well-being ultimately removed in the eye of the blessings of old, the continuation of life to death the same from generation to generation, no matter how great, glorious and more, all from the fall to earth babbling wait until it becomes a watch in.Inability to go to the other party, how far, according to the company of the dawn, near the Syrian language Cangsang moonlight, appeared in front of the total – it covered with tears rolling out wrinkles smiling eyes of.Every individual has a debt is not paid off, and no one ask; then from generation to generation.Give no regrets parents, children of liabilities.Do not look too much, as long as the safe and happy to spend.Always remember to bless someone, someone care.    Light whisper of “Mother in the hands of line, wandering clothing.Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return.Who inch of grass, reported in the apartments.”It seems like every evening to see parents help children go door Hope.Reading “.Moon Shadow lotus, and who know with this non-yesterday, as a people, the return date is still difficult intends month, light forlorn sitting alone Mochizuki, homesickness far shore, wandering tears, asked moon, mountains and rivers.Ask parents, this can be safe?”In real life struggle of care children.