Do not send me the students, so the last time you called, because time is about to become the title of Ladies or Gentlemen.It is midnight, tomorrow or yesterday.The last time I lay spread, leaning against the bed.Yo fans still shaking his head, whistling no use, air is still hot, the mood is also more of a weight.Suddenly feel that this is lying mosquito bite is a pleasure.  Bedroom last night four men could not imagine lying rushes to talk late.Everyone’s probably time to outline the more darker wash, and then spread to the heart.Perhaps only alcohol can temporarily make the face laugh seven dirty eight elements, spit seven dirty eight elements conjure up a lot of faces, who had been brain-defined youth face, those expressions are always brush finish or forever face expressionless face, are replayed with, surging forward, slowly flowing.I can no longer open my eyes to see a room and bed quilt, watching bunk and went into exile stand still dream sleep, snore, did not hear any nonsense and laugh after another, and not light the arm wearing pants with a bucket to go where there is water, then far dodging girls.  See a school packed water Peng would fit on a stone, and was secretly glad that they are not so weak.Occasionally hear a laugh or two women in trouble, then that time the cafeteria was packed egg pain is not easy to find boys.  Beverage bottles can no longer be handed sweeping aunt, uncle dorm happy to see the smiling faces and proud self Lei Feng-like.  After facing the flag, I can quietly salute you?  I picked up the money to whom?  I walked on, I will suddenly heard someone shout me?Then grinning even say hello.Track it?There cheering, fall, hoarse throat, it will be forever!  Stadium quiet time and when it’s the same shock, the court considered a school buddy, always!  Do not run too fast, stopped to look please?Schools beautiful, beautiful face those you loved.Those who love you, and finally feel ignorant blind school girl.Those in the playground open candles and hops.Early morning sweeping aunt and uncle, as well as the director of humor like a whip sound, combined with talk of the town forever urging sound and soft-spoken director of the joke, how good an old man.  Broadcast and trees, and warm sun in winter.Summer iced watermelon and cola, it will be a permanent mark?  will not!  Memory is permanent mark.  Running slowly, please?You want to forget it?Forget the eternal present Everythingandeveryone?In memory of those branches in bloom, the swaying of the arm, with a wonderful atmosphere of the face, who was blown off Xiaoying, step by step, no impurities of pure pace, those walls of red and white notices, always so striking white and ridicule the white paper’s name.Good, not good, eventually you will become a better bubble memory.Suffused with deep emotion filled the air with.  Surely you remember it, escaped a few classes, had several disadvantages, a few doors hanging Branch, smile yet?Or think those silly papers, the examination room quiet death finally become a bubble.Then how many people get this party started, how many people are silent.How many people will be silent after carnival?I think the future will be more silent.  Forget the intersection of the road there are always so bright and so light does not shine.Always look at the familiar silhouette, but not see their own pace.Green tree on the edge again becomes dark, shady trees black.  After all, to lose.  The loss of dozens contained in the four Love.  Lost in the hustle and bustle of this day, the sound of silence and shadow.  This city is the loss of transparency in the tender is not so bright.  Farewell seemed so short yet so long, farewell brief minute I long for Love.  After all, is the way to go, who came off the windowsill was filled with flowers.  Go, that night Gouzhuo arm draped over the shoulders of the audience sang rock flag.  Gone, then four more hours I walked every corner, every building, every tree, every piece of grass and flying the piano.  After all, the pace is not stop, do not cry!Do not send me!Distance from the gate to the classroom so that only a few meters.  It can be pulled away from the hostel eternal do not send me to the station, give yourself.