Acacia winds swept the leaves, branches and leaves have been falling, emotions play like spring grass.Leaves from germination to think of this life litter, if there is no help ABA, how can it grow.I grew up like this you can not do without, like the leaves can not be separated ABA.Once the scenes in my mind: think of that moment because you have luck with the intersection, you think of a change in the past to send anyone to do, think of you to help me solve problems.Ugh!Now, you go, even if only for six months, respectively, maternity leave, and I was very sad, very sad, leaving only floating ghost echoed smoke rings in the air, the rationale for endless thoughts in the mind turn wave. That was the beginning of mist scattered when Yan Donggang away, early spring dawn, the sun went Shaotou.Well blending farmer spring water, put us inside the bubble.In previous days, the ABA will be dissolved in it, and that they can be released in advance of dormancy, less inhibited by it, just trying to grow their own.But this year, abscisic acid made me very surprised, I began to notice that you. The outside world desolate.Around brothers and sisters are still sleeping, I was early to head out, looking around.I would like to germinate in order to more fully photosynthesis to supplement their own. Sunlight in my head, warm.I am excited to see the sun, trying to think long high.But you – ABA – tell me, right time.Looked around brothers and sisters ready to go look, I do not have a sense of pride.This weather continued for several days, brothers and sisters have worn cropped head hard soil, and some have grown buds and is pleased to absorb the sunlight dancing, showing off to his companions.I looked at his disappointment, hung his head.I sit and look at you, it is that you let yourself behind.Even in spring water insoluble, now called I do not want to grow taller, inhibit my growth.Why choose me?Why does not act on those varieties brothers and sisters?Because I just do relatively poor?Nor do I want to master, round trip? Without warning, everything came very suddenly, suddenly lowering the temperature, sunlight is blocked thick clouds.The earth seems to be back snow, dry dry cold wind wrapped carrying layers of snow accumulation on the ground.I looked at those brothers and sisters have early bud has fallen, watching them lying motionless on the cold soil, then at the next plastic shed inside those plants are enjoying the warm blue-violet light.Listen companions final groan of pain, similar diffuse their laughter, watching the plastic shed in those plants somewhat mocking and slightly mournful expression of pity, I feel indifferent world, ruthless. I was abandoned plants, I also lived in a warm plastic shed, just one day .Outside the snow every now and then, heaven and earth are all the same color.The farmer with a few people in white coats are shed into the plastic, according to certain standards or to cook the seeds we mark.Of course, I’m not that lucky to be their cook mark (At the time I compared to other good brothers and sisters in terms of much less), I can only stay in the corner.Perhaps the fate of unintentional.Mark on the plant next to be blown off, happens to scratch on my neck.I am very pleased, unconsciously straightened torso.After the election finished, those not selected have to plants hung his head, sad, jealous. Coats us again been tagged plants on moving knives, we introduced a small ring (a recombinant plasmid carrying the gene antifreeze).Then, we again put their blending of spring water immersion.Companions exudes happy atmosphere filled the air, let them enjoy the abscisic acid is dissolved spring.I also think I feel the same as companions to your revolt.I can not understand why you are not as willing as before abscisic acid is dissolved spring. I do not know how long they take us out of the plastic shed, we will be embedded in a solid soil.Later we have emerged ······ “This from the same root, fratricidal”.You will also face a hostile environment.By then even the most basic ability to survive are gone, leaving only helpless groan regret what is the use of?This is not a kind of I understand.Understand your good, I understand why you choose and why you should resist.You feel different from other. Weather and successively changed for the better.The source of life and a smile stuck his head from the mountains, shed its radiance.Few white coats again, looking at the remnants of several strains of plants left, they frowned, shook his head to leave.Few companions began to elongate the torso, with open arms to greet the sun god.I learned my lesson, huddled, allowing only a little light illuminated my head.But you told me – thrive.I then with open arms, so enjoy the sun shines on my head.Also really like you as warning, five ten wind rain.I changed my attitude, in love with you.Pride came back again, but this time more self-confidence.However, I did not notice the hero you’re glad for the gradual reduction of. When I felt the strength to go beyond the accumulation of companions, I suddenly learned that you gotta go!Remembered once the scenes, I am very sad!very sad!You will not send me to the fruition.Leaf, dated Sasa floating, cigarette butts off the ground slowly, looking up oblique look, haggard spit smoke ring and watched it slowly rise.Abscisic acid plant growth accompanied by an end.And you will not teach me to the final battle! Luck had thought of writing because when you have a high score with the intersection; you think of equal treatment for everyone, such as the late great importance to students, not to be disturbed in the interests of the interests of the society of the time.; Remember that I wanted to break the routine, original style, unconventional, you help me figure out how to write the examination room when speech.I can imitate others, but also you helped me rediscover the original feeling of the time.Empty society, the interests of society, selfish ? society like cancer, like tie on me, I do not know the meaning of my studies, I very empty, very confused and would like to give society a strong medicine, heavy the whole chess game.You help me analyze the reasons, points out the crux, let me grow up healthy.All in all, not your teachings, which I will be out of the woods, there I was growing up, realize the true ABA.Well – maybe later you get a chance teachings even less, even if the future can come to you. Everyone is Maxima, you are horses and. Everyone will be confused by the interest while you are “greedy discretion spring and feel cool.”. Everyone wants to go down in history, and you no doubt already have the conditions to achieve this goal. Petals flower love, people who also love.You really do mesh M (M refers to men, in English, for men, while men have a human meaning.So head male or Man), who cleared.I think the word is long work best for your evaluation.