I do not know which day you start from the understanding that the seeds of Acacia species unintentionally deep in my heart to take root in my heart from me obsessed with the torment of unrequited love in you will love deep in my heart this wonderful lonely because you I’m happy to be happy warm bed your sorrow turn into my melancholy and sadness in my heart you are always struggling with a lingering figure, such as that Shining spring blooming peach aroma stacked wild drunk fans crazy my heart I do not know in the next second my life if you can stay as I was passing you, after all, I always like to hang around midnight I dreamed of this paper umbrella propped walking in the rain streets for you you are my dream like lilacs girl in the world and not all the weight you weight in my mind all the time you never want your permission you are my sun I can not be your only that the moon again infatuation love also arrived, but the edge part of phase Xu fleeting so sad sweet melancholy in the Acacia worried about when we can in the hope that Acacia seed germination rooting engraved on the stone Sansei that name in your heart when you have me there I pray fate guarding flowers hugged you become my bride I,