In the evening, goalkeeper Jiang bought a beef sauce, remember the last time the Lions woke up early, it was certainly adulterated anesthetic, anesthetic bottle to see if there mostly, simply put it all on beef.  Wait until the middle of the night, goalkeeper Jiang has gone deserted look around, they quietly went to the corner of the shed, the Lions are still in front of the sofa tummy.Jiang goalkeeper and a little touched, the husband really competent it!Regardless of species or physique, the lion is indeed rare pieces of good dog, I do not know why do not they waited on the husband to pull it back.  Lions goalkeeper Jiang discovered, quickly stood up and stared at him, pulled out a first goalkeeper Jiang did not wipe anesthetic beef lost in the past.Lion sniffed back under the sofa directed light bark loudly, Lian Lian drilled from the inside out, like a dog followed a few bobbles drilled out hot pursuit of her mother’s nipple.Lian Lian smelled meaty, and quickly ate a gung ji gung ji.Really unexpected, Jiang keeper was stunned, and then one would also reasonable, the dog began to grow, milk enough to eat, and then hungry lion can not bear to eat, it does give the wife lactation!  Jiang goalkeeper did not dare to feed, and he fell down not afraid of Ma Lian Lian, hands on so much anesthetic, if wasted, how the lion recaptured go today?Jiang goalkeeper holding wiped the drug meat waving toward the lion, the lion came over and sniffed pull back.Lian Lian came over to the lion and hurried to block it, take it back against the body.Jiang goalkeeper understand: Damn, this guy smelled anesthetic taste, remember the lessons of the last!  Such a delay is not the answer ah!Jiang goalkeeper think big collar on the neck of the lion, if it is saying sets of cotton, took the opportunity to fasten the chain, it can not be forcibly pulled by it?No, It’s going to pounce on how to do?He seized it may suffer!Are hesitant, someone behind him speak: you fought it Guizhu Yi?Jiang goalkeeper startled, looked back, turned out to be old Buddha!  Jiang goalkeeper panic: You, you are sitting up so late ah?Old Buddha smiled and said: Do not you slept yet?Han ran here carry out his ghost?Jiang goalkeeper compiled do not know what good, if their own kind to feed the lion, I am afraid not believe in ghosts, Jiang keeper had to say the truth: the lion man of the house to do business abroad, this guy is subject only to the man of the house, do not listen to the words of the hostess , so people ask me for help to catch back.Old Buddha Staveley: So you are learning from Lei Feng friends?Jiang goalkeeper embarrassed smile: Hey, they promised to give me one thousand yuan hard costs.Old Buddha asked: how are you going to catch it?Goalkeeper Jiang shook his head: I want it sets of cotton, fasten the chain pull back, but feared it pounced bite, this not embarrassed of it!If you help me catch it, and I split the cost of this hard work is good?  Old Buddha grunted: I just do not care of it, it is not enough medical expenses to bite it!But I’d give you an idea.Jiang goalkeeper overjoyed: You said, you said!Old Buddha pointed under the sofa: you just have to bring this whole family.  What a nice way!Waited so rich, I do not care more than raise a few dogs.Jiang goalkeeper seeking old Buddha: You blocked a little lion, I put Lian Lian fasten led away, the lion and the puppies away to follow.Jiang goalkeeper holding the chain tied to Lian Lian, the lion roared, old Buddha patted the lion’s head: Do not worry, you move to a home.Lion hub in the past, the old Buddha mane quickly grab it in the big collar, earn a lion, the old Buddha pulled it just felt collar interface with a resounding bang, bad, could be opened, and he immediately let go hugs live lion’s neck.  Jiang goalkeeper has a leash Lian Lian, from his pocket a no anesthetic beef, while feeding while walking cited Lian Lian, five puppies to keep up with twitter.See Lian Lian follow Jiang goalkeeper ate away the lion does not roar, the old Buddha let go, the Lions quickly followed up.  Successfully to the family waited, Jiang keeper rang the bell, waited a door, a lion with a pack of dogs flooded in, waited squeak wow barking scared: her husband, her husband!Our family into the kennel!Skinny monkey heard this came out, the lion was pleased to meet her, Song Shen upright, his head buried in his arms skinny monkeys.Skinny monkey clinging to the neck of a lion, just Hanliaoliangsheng good, suddenly face downcast, staring goalkeeper Jiang Q: Can you move it up collar?Jiang goalkeeper quickly shook his head: I dared to touch it?It is the follow me back ah!  Skinny monkey and touch the lion’s collar: how cracked a seam?Jiang goalkeeper must touch, skinny monkey pushes him: Forget it, just did not break like.You, how do you take so many dogs?Jiang goalkeeper had to talk about what had happened, skinny monkey Q: The old Buddha is doing the?He asked about my family yet?  Multi-less attitude, the less said is better, goalkeeper Jiang shook his head: I did not ask, he is a retired old man, nosy chanting, afraid that I stole the lion sell.Skinny monkey sigh, took out a stack of bills upon their goalkeeper Jiang: the thing about my family is not allowed to say to anyone, give you two thousand dollars, buy some delicious mouth stuffed!  Jiang goalkeeper nodded, hides the money Pidianpidian walking home, he did not know how old Buddha is the opposite of the trees staring at his villa it.  Sixth, the right time next day at midnight, waited house door opened a fraction children, lion drilled from the inside, the monkey followed with thin out.He patted the lion’s head, lion shook his tail pointed toward the west, straight to the west of the walled villa.  Wall below the gutter strip, lion Fuxia Shen son drilling in the past, the front is a forest across the river is the border of the woods.Lions edge of the woods just went, across from the bushes to find that a man stood up, turned out to be old Buddha.Lions ran wagging its tail, the old lion of Buddha hug his neck, took out a piece of meat into his mouth, patted its head: Go Go!Lion shook his tail, continue to go to the border river.Wild grass along the riverbank, the dispersion tummy Zhao sheriff and several plain clothes police, Zhao shook the sheriff’s phone to text message: do not wear a collar.Zhao sheriff away cell phones, straighten the body of a look, not far from the forest rustles up something of a dark wheezes panting from running out of the woods, jump over flood jumped into the water, seeing straight in overseas travel to dawn, it is the darkest hour before dawn, police chief Zhao from night vision goggles to see where there is a bright spot in the river, the river toward the territory of poke swimming.Ten minutes later, the highlights on the shore, to see exactly what shape lion, shook it hard body of water, the flood ran through the woods.  Old Buddha still lying on the edge of the forest behind the trees, waiting for the lion to come back.Before dawn most sleepy, sleepy waves hit, the old Buddha being muzzled yawning, shaking up the phone.Old Buddha sitting up, cocked an ear to listen, woods sounded faint squelch the voices, the sound is getting closer, lion really backtrack!  To be the lion approached, the old Buddha stood up, to see the old lion Buddha, wagging its tail and ran.Old Buddha hug the lion’s neck, then he pulled out a piece of meat into his mouth, patted its head: Well, go back!Lion meat swallowed, shaking his tail and ran toward the garden fence.Old Buddha send SMS: put the collar.” Family member courtyard, Jiang goalkeeper was on night duty, rang the intercom, security patrol report: Lian Lian came back with puppies!Jiang goalkeeper strange, if the lion in the villa, Lian Lian they certainly will not come back, do the lion ran?Impossible, the lion so righteous, how it will get rid of the wife and kids?No use guessing, or quickly report to lean monkeys, this is a good opportunity to make money that way!  The last phone call, skinny monkey anxious, went to the yard to look, they really gone Lian Lian!Skinny monkey regret again and again in the corner, really overlooked one important way, thought the dog shelter Lian Lian and down, they will naturally headed here, so I can not shut them up.What to know where to settle down and do not care Lian Lian, just a family reunion, but he did not it wait until dawn lions back in the yard they made a hole under the fence, take the kids to find a family member courtyard of the Lions went.Oh bother, if the Lions came back and found the yard without a wife and kids, and certainly even the doors are not going to go into the!Jiang goalkeeper skinny monkey command: immediately they come back again!  Jiang goalkeeper not neglect, quickly ran to bring a dog chain carport, good power for a photo, dogs were all under the sofa, Lian Lian is close to spinning, it seems to be looking for a lion.Jiang goalkeeper called Lian Lian: Come on, I’ll take you to the Lions!Lian Lian said gave fasten the dog chain, Lian Lian remember the last time that Jiang and the lion keeper took it back to the villa, it is honest to let him carried away, dogs are also related to the up.But follow Jiang goalkeeper out of the family member courtyard, did not see the Lions keep up, Lian Lian ass sit refused to go back, look around whining.Jiang goalkeeper understand, Lian Lian must see before they agree to go back to the Lions.  The phone rang, skinny monkey on the phone yelled: Do you want to make money?How not to catch the dog?I want you to linger longer life!Jiang goalkeeper panic: immediately immediately!Pulling leash pulling from Lian Lian, Lian Lian four legs to desperately hold back.Jiang goalkeeper pulled three steps forward, two steps back to Lian Lian, Jiang keeper effort is bigger, Jiabu Zhu Lian Lian desperately with him, did not pull out far too tired out of breath.Jiang goalkeeper anxious eyes, shining leg is kicked ass Lian Lian, Lian Lian screamed, and the pain ran a few steps forward, only to be pulled again goalkeeper Jiang, Lian Lian and grabbed four legs desperately backwards.  Jiang goalkeeper furious, raised his legs about to kick the past, only heard behind woo bang, followed by a sharp pain in the calf, the people were forced Cheleyixia, Jenna snapped and fell Gouchi Shi.He looked back and busy: lion coming!  Lion tightly bite not promoted, a mouthful of teeth are headlong into the keeper Jiang calf, the pain while he screams while kicked out.He was rolling all over the floor, only heard: Lion!open!Skinny monkeys arrived, this lion loose mouth.Skinny monkey vexation, just when he was called to the goalkeeper Jiang, the lion just came back, it did not look into the yard Lian Lian, immediately go out into the courtyard of family member to run, skinny monkey could not cry cry also had to chase up.  Skinny monkey holding a lion’s neck touched, patted the lion’s head and said: Okay, let’s go home!Suddenly someone behind him talk to each other: Do not bother, we are the police, so you half the night, and go with us!  Skinny monkey looked back, Buddha and a few old men stood behind him, he knew that things brought to light, immediately shouting: The Lion, the!Lion pounced just to go up and hugged old Buddha grab the lion.Skinny monkey was about to draw his gun, sheriff caught him flapping Zhao turned in, click, bang him shackled in handcuffs.  Skinny monkey cried: I’m doing a?Why the hell I caught?Old Buddha touch the lion’s neck: this alone collar!Remember the last time a small seam split collar bar?I heard that this is what the!A thin monkey was mute, Jiang goalkeeper come kick his foot: I said how can you be willing to spend so much money to find a lion, it turned out to be drug use!You fool me, you can not fool the old police!  Police cars arrived, command sergeant Zhao thin monkey holding a lion on the car, got the lion reluctantly, reluctantly back Lian Lian and looked at the dog who ran Lian Lian Wang Jushang will jump, old Buddha quickly just hold it: Lions go for a card, you come home with me and so it now!