Part One: Braveheart thoughts back to the ancient and beautiful Scotland.  White clouds, blue sky, grassland, cattle and sheep.Lopsided.Melen beautiful, pristine cheek ambiguous in the mixing of the night; Wallace heroic and tried to fight on the bloody battlefield; Isabella was languishing eyes on the distant castle to the hearts of the pious hero watch.That time, the powerful British brutally ruled Scotland.Scottish aristocrats willing puppet for vested interests, fear and joy with.Slavery Scottish people living in poverty and suffering of the UK.Numerous people of Scotland issued against the shrill cries of suffering in poverty, including Wallace’s father – Marceau?Wallace.His father died on the battlefield, young Wallace was good-hearted people to adopt.Wallace witnessed from on the small Scottish people struggling to survive in the King’s tyranny, but also people feel intimate and warm care.So he long dark submerged AIDS in the heart of the British rulers of hatred, love for the people of Scotland to take root in the hearts of.  Wallace returned home in adulthood.He encountered a childhood playmate children – beautiful girl Cameron, and fell in love.  That era is a misfortune for the people of Scotland, it is the honor of Wallace.Hero is made, the times, the hero of the times it shall be used.Hero needs a brave heart and a cavity selfless love, to support his complete history entrust the great cause, and even come to the end of his life.Wallace fulfill the mission, his conscience.  Wallace heart, love, selfless love him.His love of the people, as well as the freedom of the people of war; his teeth against the enemy, and even back to the hands of the sword.He did not arbitrarily fierce, brave but not foolhardy.When the enemy heavy armored cavalry hit parade, soldiers anxious, he remained calm and ordered his soldiers to do anything.Two hundred meters.Near the!Fifty meters.Closer!!!Two meters.”kill!”With the order, twice as long spear stabbing people Diji.Suddenly, enemy chaos, off their feet!Shasheng, Dao Guang, Jianying, blood, wailing.Bloody slaughter on the battlefield so that the audience can not help but cover head, while Wallace’s bravery and wisdom amazed man.  Isabella, a young beautiful English Crown Princess, was deeply in love with enemies of the state – Wallace, because of his selfless love, because of his heroic.This love is not only a love for men and women, but also deep sympathy for the people of the tough survive.Because of this love, Isabella would rather risk their lives to Wallace messenger, so he again ride out the storm, and then win!  Any age, must be the eternal theme of love.Jagged war swords, the lingering theme of love, which makes the taste of the legendary heroes soul-stirring Jagged tenderness.But sometimes, the era is broken executioner love beautiful wings, which does not diminish the love of beautiful colors.Instead, the unfortunate era of stifling all the good things the root of all evil only with their despicable acts to counter the increase in the good things of glory, so that Yu Yu brilliance, immortal.Hero Wallace is proof of the great love!  Who, because of love and respectable, because of the great love, because love is detached.So, Wallace due to heart love man is admirable, but because of the tyranny of King Edward and unpopular.Wallace is a hero, for others the respect and follow, this is the charm, but this is not a simple charm, because it itself is not attractive hero’s name, but a red-hot love heroes have.”Breaking through” in Wallace’s body was practicing with the head.  Wallace being framed, he was nailed to the cross and fell.Dignified and despicable face of the Inquisition, he Zhengyilinran; dark and terrifying face execution, he was fearless, because he has a brave heart.Before the execution, he shouted: “Freedom!.”High-pitched cries echoed across towering mountains of Scotland.Mournful Scottish bagpipes pay homage to the souls of heroes.Muddy forest, prairie serene, like the hero of the dead and silence.Everything seemed shrill and chill.  Hero is gone, but the souls of the dead, there is true love everlasting.Successor will inherit a hero’s behest, convinced that “breaking through” faith, struggling to forge ahead in the dark, looking for the dawn of freedom forever.    Part II: Brave Heart peach water go wholly unnoticed, Yuet breeze swim everywhere.  Autumn wind and waves several times, tomorrow misty foreign land solitary.  Huai upset, hurt Zhong Qing.  Lang Jing-ming, who is proud of?- Inscription can not remember when to begin with the text of the hobby, just start to feel very good, introverted, inarticulate people write, the words came to express their views on current events, which are more telling than verbal superiority.But how long time did not written anything, think hard, desperately can not think of a good subject, write good words, when people may be to a certain age, it will give rise to a lot of uncertainty factors.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) often wanders, seemingly busy life actually spent youth, many things will be forgotten, but the memory of the depths of things will always occupy a location in mind, think, can not forget.Person walking with memory, the memory will often be tired.  Whenever the road every time I see some of the elderly people begging or child poverty, the heart will always give birth to anger compassion, a huge Chinese, are not they at the shelter, I do not understand is their family misfortune, or those in power forgetting.  I remember the last time to a place in Guizhou business trip, on the way back I saw a old lady sitting on a small stool, weeping in a dilapidated cabin door look empty, because of sympathy, I went over and asked the lady with sound is good, and asked her some cases, they went away, gave her fifty dollars.She took the money and started shaking, did not say anything, just looked at me cry, this amount of money for me, is nothing, but for her, it may be in urgent need of money.Hanging reins of horse sense, benevolence dog wet grass, not to mention people do?  Each home will buy something to his mother, when I hear someone praise himself in front of his mother, I just vague with them, but his heart knew that he owed the kindness of parents, I’ve never not finished, I afraid to tell people that, no mother would dare to say, I was afraid she cried out, too afraid to cry.  When a client yesterday with his uncle talking about their parents, the eyes of tears, fear customers see it, go out and wash the face twice.Pm call with their parents, most of which are stereotyped, then told them of his body.Every call them, they always ask if they are found objects, sometimes Dad would say, if not, it will do door-law.I tried wandering people know that this kind of life has a lot of freedom, but this freedom is a price to pay, these costs have a stable life, a warm home, a warm feeling, when he would give it to homeless when the cloud.  Knew, wandering is not nice, but kind of courage, but also a determination, sometimes want to stop, simple desire to have a stable life, but stop no less than footsteps, because the only way forward in order to see the future.In the dead of night, alone licking wounds, thoughts slowly precipitated in memory, weaving some lovely distant dream.  The cycle of the seasons, no matter how we love it and give up, it will be gone, leaving the lonely all the way downtown and let us finish, let us learn to adapt to the flow of the seasons, learn to go with the flow.The world will always keep some frustration, but these helpless, you never change.  Dielian fragrant flowers only for tireless, every friend who expects nothing, for the rest, things change, life seems like a dream, grateful hearts, listening to earthly years the voice of jointing, and really make the world a friend, walked away with, it is possible to infinitely bright future.Part III: Braveheart to prove that they can live out loud shout; to prove that their money will be spending billions of dollars; to prove his worth to complete those others seem to be an impossible task.All along, I live in constant “proof” in.Even if others are cynical, we should also smile on his face, the tears hidden in a dark corner.I used to stand in helpless soul repeatedly stabbed with knife cut fragile heart.I can not talk, must learn to stand alone on the road of struggle, even despair.In the rain shouting, running in a country road, in the light of the disease such as beans, yellow book, the depths of courage to find dream home in the soul.Still remember 19 years ago in September.High school first day of school to go to, and I was in tears – his father had clearly told me that the family had no money for my school.To read, to borrow his own.It is in rural rice harvest season, busy all day heavy farm work, the parents do not have time to talk with me reading things.Hot inclusion Inaba cut nerve pain, despair accompanied exhausted after intensive work, I lay on the soft and wet straw, looking at the boundless sky, any tears flooding.I went to see friends and family when their doorstep will quickly shut the door, deliberately instigate a ferocious watchdog.They do not like to see me and our family, because my family had to borrow several times their money, borrowed have not borrow money also went to eat “cold shoulder” is a natural thing.The sun is still so sinister, it seems to exhaustion on earth any nectar.Looking at the parents busy and tired back, the first time I strongly felt to be so unfair fate.Money at this time is dominated by the fate of the weapons.Tears, I walked into the vocational high school do not pay any fees.People sitting in a classroom, but their hearts are longing for general high school life.Imagine learned general high teacher, dedicated students, all vigorous campus.Depressed mood so I became silent.Days are getting dark, life clock passed out a heavy sigh.Did not think, actually there are people around me several sympathetic.Tears rotation handshake agreement – not playing with the fate of the yield, we want to strangle the throat of destiny.Little Tigers song so that the days sparkled with.Vocational courses monotonous and boring, full of happy atmosphere around.Forget yesterday’s sadness, there was a relaxed and comfortable being out after loss.Students around some of the pain than I am, I am pretty happy.Poverty is not terrible, terrible is lost the fight in embarrassment in.I secretly borrowed general high textbooks, study hall every night at home on studying in the 15-watt incandescent.Sharp decline in vision, myopic eyes wide open staring at the vague future.Maybe my parents moved dedication and perseverance, and finally the second year in September, the father promised me, for I have read Zaguomaitie.General high into the classroom that moment, I cried, as tears flood like to pour.In my heart, forever grateful parents put up with hardships.They gave me life, but also gave me the opportunity to desperately struggle.Father bronzed face filled with vicissitudes of this world, the mother stooped back tells the suffering of life.Maybe I chose excited then forward the best return on their parents, who told I have a brave heart.Spread on the stage of life, to live up to my expectations, I strive to do their best.  To struggle alone as a man was trampled grass, others will not know your pain.I said to myself, do not do a towering trees of the world’s most eye-catching grass it.Standing in the crowd, I was ordinary and small.I do not have Pan looks, and no tall as Yao Ming’s body, poor family background associated with serious inferiority complex, I much suffering in misery in.When I drop the lowest, I always put Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, and other Styron as a spiritual leader, to the arid desert to bring the long-soul nourishing oasis.In fact, most helpless, only to save their own.And only experienced the pain of countless people, will see the rainbow in the storms of life.I have always believed, painstakingly people live day.All the way to the pain and suffering in order to demonstrate the true nature of life.  Looking back to when the road, I like the ocean in a small boat in rough sea shore desperately.Seeing the human mind, he tasted the bitterness of this world, ever restless as the tide gradually calmed down.Left so quickly that I missed the most beautiful scenery along the way on both sides.But the passion jumping sinking brave heart, with me through thousands of miles, through the rapids of life evil Valley.No matter how difficult, everything will be over.There are brave and enterprising heart, life will be invincible.    Part Four: Braveheart starting with my people – the long and thorny road takes courage to go.A man – in the lonely and unknown road, but also need great courage and confidence to start before the line.Just have a brave heart.Dark, lonely, daunting things, afraid of what?Those things make people disoriented, they count it?  A silence of the night, the sky seems to be a mysterious dark blue satin silk gently, like a disembodied enveloped the earth.It looks like a bright sporadic, slightly lit, like the silk satin inlaid sparkling diamonds,.Faint quietly, without a trace of Xuanza sound, only the breeze slowly across the quiet night, accompanied by cicadas yo.I gently took a step, which seems to be so careful, I could see, it is the extension of the endless dark path, silent world.I retract the pace, continue blankly unknown piece of Lost Road.I hesitated: to go or not go?  I still fear the soul trapped in here, like a sturdy cage, or can not get out or not come.At the heart of this select a line struggling, it had it the last vestiges of hope and strength inability asked me: in the end how to do?In the end or else go?Can you give me an answer yet?  I just looked up at the sky, those bits and pieces of the stars, the sky looking for the brightest star with the windows of the soul, as if I could no longer faint faint light in the draw strength.Even if they is so bleak.  How bleak?We even longer dark, but also a force, but also a light, a hope!Breeze mixed with the stars the words passed to me.  I instantly wake up, why the stars can continue to glow in the darkness so?That they have their own value, has its own significance, since it is the stars, we should try to make themselves shine and make the best of themselves, even if the light is not strong, but to bring together, is a timeless and beautiful Milky Way as long as a good grasp of their own, would be sufficient.Each of them is not there a brave and strong heart it?  Stars can guard every night the same this earth, shining on this earth, and I just this once through the night, why not?Should I have the courage, bursting out of their own brilliance it?  I take a step, another step.Braveheart seems to have ignited, it shine, take away the fear and cold, with a warm,.I light up the road ahead, but also to illuminate the road in my life, let me take Fengyun Braveheart, along this road, go.    Part Five: Braveheart I like the sun, because sunny place, there is a bright mood, there is happiness, there is joy.When you live in a cold winter for a long time, you will be deeply felt, sunless world just how tough.Multicolored woven clouds is the sun; the ocean is vast rivers come together to form; the beautiful flowers that open in spring; rice harvest of the earth is offering.Where are we happy life to it?It is one of many revolutionaries, workers watered with sweat blood.It is hard to come by ah!So we have to be doubly cherish!  Looking at the scenery outside the window, everything is so beautiful, because you are sad and the world will not change.I was thinking: “Why do we really want to learn that he is free as a bird to fly to the vast sky, no longer subject to the pressure of learning.”But everything is just fantasy, students destined to be burdened with learning, learning to live.However, any difficulty in learning how to face you and I are going to solve it??I heard only the brave efforts to overcome everything that will be successful in.What is it that the brave???  When faced with a difficult, courageous as a force pushing me to continue moving forward, overcoming difficulties!Because of the brave, so I learned to progress!When being oppressed, courageous like a shield, so I have no fear!Because of the brave, so I learned to self-defense, courage is indispensable to everyone, without courage, you can only make cowards, not daring to experiment and innovation.If people want to be a machine, it is indispensable to brave a part!  Warriors have all the time in life, they are not martyrs killed in battle, it is not revered leader!They just worked hard, sacrificed for the country as people of modest means ordinary people!Even if only a cleaner, he also brave sacrifice ah!Even if only a small nurse, he also Dare to Care ah!Even if it is just a teacher, he has the courage to sacrifice ah!Brave, I am with you!  Above is the brave forces!Whether you are disabled or defective!But you have a brave heart is stimulated, as long as you dare to dare to find innovative.That heart is always with you this, but when you face all difficulties, heart and courage as you will be recovering slowly boiling to your body, you will feel better and your courage, let others admire you; envy you!  Let us have the courage to face all!To greet the arrival of the storm it!I believe his brave heart!Our problem is no longer a bridge!