April is Aries and Taurus. The birth date of Aries is: 3, 21-April, 20-year-old. Taurus is born from April 21 to May 20..   Aries: 3, 21-April, 20 People in Aries can be summed up in one sentence as hot-tempered hotheads. They are frank, frank, generous, impulsive and careless. Completion is the only choice for their established goals. Aries do not give themselves other choices and have strong determination and perseverance.. They are usually full of decisiveness, do not know POPOMAMA, do not pay attention to details and have no patience.. In addition, Aries is still a tempestuous person with a foul face if he doesn’t agree with you, but after only three minutes they will forget their previous unhappiness and sail the boat of friendship with you again..   Aries for their thoughts, the brain hasn’t finished reaction, the body has rushed out, execution is full of firepower. For Aries, it is better to do it once for a thousand times. How can you know your limits without trying?. Have the courage to accept new things and have a rather adventurous spirit.. In the ever-changing technological era, new things emerge in endlessly. Aries are always the first to try these things, just like money can be earned again, but when clothes are taken off the shelf, they will not have the same mentality. as a result, Aries becomes “the first person to eat crabs.”. Aries people are more self-centered. They often ignore others’ feelings and follow their inner needs more. Although Aries is very generous to friends, sometimes such behavior will be too much for friends..   Taurus: April 21-May 20 Taurus likes to use their first impression to determine how much they like a person and to pursue better quality than the three.. In addition, Taurus is also a gastronomist and has a fanatical love for food.. Taurus has his own unique view and pursuit of body, sports and all beautiful things..   Taurus people are less receptive to new things and do not like to change.. As for what I believe, I will choose one way to go, even if it is wrong, this is a very headache thing.. Taurus tends to be conservative in its thinking, places too much emphasis on money, and sometimes appears stingy.. Taurus people, although they can persevere with their own plans and are more ambitious, are in pursuit of stability and blood flowing in their bones. They are satisfied with their own pursuit to a certain extent and will gradually lose their morale.. Family concept is very important to Taurus. What he wants is a partner who can take responsibility for family life with him. Taurus, who is family-centered, usually can bring a reliable and safe feeling to his family.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.