”But you are not desperate, you are not also know what a computer repair, computer repair come to go get that, ha ha ha.”
  Leaves no white ignores this brain damage, heart of Mo Yu said..
  ”Wait a few hours, my friend told me to hurry up now.”
  Mo Yu heart although some worry, but leaves the White Having said that, it should be no problem, after all, leaves white is very wide network of people, want to pass on some of his techniques Relations Contact Great God, should not be difficult.
  See Mo Yu heart actually let go, Cao Xiu sneer.
  ”Mo always, I think you should carefully consider clear it, do not delay for hours for no reason, just like a computer repair.”
  ”You know I got what you give people what?Hackers first list of technology great God, last night southerly!”
  ”You would not think a computer repair can southerly too big God than it?”
  Mo Yu heart suddenly face fusion, as the IT industry boss, last night’s southerly naturally heard her name.
  No wonder there are so confident that Cao Xiu, originally contacted last night southerly Great God!
  Mo heart