”Thank you, you really tender.”Yu Pei said softly.
  Ling side to avoid his gaze out the window to adjust the look with embarrassment.
  When she turned around, Yu Pei smile on his face disappeared.
  Before breaking up, he stopped Yu Ze, leaning on a cane walked past him toward.
  ”Brother, I think you’re a bit strange how?”He smiled and said:” Yes I do something wrong you?”
  ”Listen dad said, this time you’ll be home for dinner New Year?I’ll wait for you at home ah.”
  Bo Dina opening and seems to want to talk to him, was Yu Ze blankly taken away.
  Yu Chak do not want to talk to him, not willing to see him, he is like to be seen everywhere on his way to a stranger.
  Just when the last meeting is not the case, then, he is also willing to bend down to his shoes sets.
  Sure enough, the bird crabs and Yu Ze related.
  Crabs can not disappear from the plate, crab demon can, he called to ask Houchu Hilton, candlelight dinner simply had no crabs.
  Yu Ze Now that we know him and Zhangzi Xian together, naturally