”Wait, you and I explai无锡夜网n why these?”Pei Dai Jun reluctantly ordered a halt, stammered,” I’m a nice person too well.”Her marriage has nothing excessive desire.
  ”I know.”Gu Zhangqin shrug, his heart has been clear,” I just hope to get a chance to close to your heart, not your own opportunity.”
  He handed out flowers: “Having said that it seems a bit narcis广州桑拿网sistic, but I should still be a decent target, I can not give you any guarantee, but I will always respect you, put you in an important position.”He hesitated, suddenly smiled.
  ”Why are you laughing?”She could not help asking.
  ”I think I laughed too, have not you agree, I think of the future.”Gu Zhangqin’s voice was full of smile,” if in the future we are really together, you and I will sign a prenuptial agreement, if I derailed, cleanse the family, and I can assure you, we are together, I you do not need to stay at home for me, Pei-powerful vice president on the outside, is really very good, very beautiful, I do not want to back up too?”
  ”Yes.”Pei Dai Jun stared at flowers, the same smile,” But I still did not seem so long for new relationship and marriage.”
  Gu Zhangqin some loss, he crammed smile: “Nothing, I hope I北京桑拿 did not let you feel unwell or offensive.”His bad mood, be in front of their favorite woman, or at least hope to maintain grace, this is the man Siyaomianzai.
  Pei Dai Jun suddenly got up, took the roses, she was holding flowers, and perhaps lights shine, against the background of some red face: “.No discomfort, perhaps.I can give you a guarantee is not guaranteed?I tried to open up and you can continue to work hard.”
  Interesting, probably so.Gu Changqin stood still, look carefully at her: “Good.”
  Bathroom, Pei Naochun exceptionally bored sitting on the toilet, he could not see outside of the scene, only to quietly sent a message to Gu Zhangqin: “how?Ok?”” If Daijun