One kind of anger real fire, refers to the pathological phenomenon of liver Kang。
The catharsis liver failure, liver qi of fire or heat element Sheng caused by excessive excitement and emotions have a certain relationship。Clinical common red eyes, irritability, headache, hypochondriac pain, mouth pain, vomiting, hemoptysis, pulse a few strings certificate。
Strong anger mainly by irregular life, leading to feelings Jiyu。Chinese medicine "liver argument" argument, so strong anger often engendered a number of eye symptoms, such as: blurred vision, eye discharge and more, red eyes, dry eyes, tinnitus。What can eat diarrhea anger?Qi chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum and wolfberry are medicinal and edible herbs, chrysanthemum cold, wolfberry warming, is complementary。
These two ingredients commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine based on herbs together with other prescription modulating dispel anger, which groups more classic such as Chen Fang.Zhi Qian Qi chrysanthemum tea, together with mulberry leaves and other medicinal and edible herbs, no side effects, do tea brewing。Kelp kelp green bean soup is the ideal food phlegm, anti-inflammatory, asthma, detoxification, laxative。
This is because the cold kelp, iodine-containing absorbed by the body, promoting removal of harmful substances, and inflammatory lesions was exudate, while containing kelp called sulfated polysaccharide can absorb cholesterol in the blood vessels, and excreted。Furthermore, Iodine can also promote ovarian follicular luteinization, thereby reducing the levels of estrogen, endocrine disorders have been adjusted。
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