Women often suffer from the disease, in the treatment of the disease in the diet must be taboo and stress。
So what woman does not eat inflammation?  What woman does not eat inflammation 1, sweet food eat sweet food will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge, so that the body of foreign substances can not be completely discharged, it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria breeding, so as fructose, chocolate, cream cakes, ice cream and other sweet foods not to eat。   2, the fat objects made things not conducive to treatment, the disease will increase inflammation。 In Chinese medicine, chicken, turtle, seaweed, fish belong to the fat composition。
  3, seafood in seafood with seawater various trace elements。
These elements may aggravate itching inflammation region of sensitive constitution, common seafood, such as kelp, shrimp, crab and so should not eat。   4, preserved foods preserved foods contain large amounts of nitrate dimethyl sulfoxide, the reaction that occurs in the human body and generate nitrous acid dimethyl amine, dimethyl amine nitrite is a potent carcinogen, it lead to aggravated or repeated。 So, like salted fish, sauerkraut, pickles and other preserved foods not to eat。
In addition, a large number of eating pickles causes the body to vitamin?lack of。
Eat properly pickles can increase appetite, appetite regulation, but if the food cravings addiction, long-term consumption, it is easy to cause various diseases。   5, spicy food under normal circumstances, the body's natural immune system will automatically go to deal with these invading bacteria。
But women are infected, should eat bland food, such as chili, Ma pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, so that the immune system to normal movement。   In vivo inflammation how to do 1, first determine the cause of discovery is the first time when there is inflammation in time to see a gynecologist, and only after examination, diagnosed the cause of the diagnosis to treatment。
Because there are several, like fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis medication they are not the same。   2, symptomatic treatment obey prescription drugs, must be completely healed before stopping inflammation。
Xiao Bian doctor had said many patients because of the mild symptoms that medication is no longer good results soon relapse。 Xiao Bian That was fungal vaginitis, the doctor opened the medicine。 One week after treatment symptoms lighter, returned to normal after 2 weeks。
  3, in the usual care private parts private parts care must do the work, but be aware that no matter how expensive skin care products are not necessarily suitable for the private part of the skin。 Private parts care work should be carried out every day, often use reasonable care solution cleaning, you can eliminate some pathogenic bacteria, so that you do dry and cool every day。 The recent report states that foreign countries have been specially genital skin care products, I believe it can buy in the city you live in a period of time。
  4, menstrual care many women will appear the situation privates local skin itching, burning, etc. during menstruation, this is due to the use of sanitary napkins caused airtight。
The sanitary napkin generally consists of three parts of the surface layer, the absorbent layer and the bottom, a lot of the sanitary napkin is dry mesh, fiber mesh is made, and thus there will be a part of the case of allergies。
  Also to be considered sanitary napkins additives, some napkins add some medicines, even though it can play a bactericidal effect, but will also lead to allergies。 Therefore, in the usual time to buy sanitary napkins should try to avoid some of the sanitary napkin cotton mesh, but for some drugs should be cautious to buy sanitary napkins。   5, genital self-test in order to find as soon as possible, but also learn how to genital self-test, if found to have abnormal situation should immediately go check。
Such as black spots appear genital area; one week has not subsided mass; small, white dot or genital skin thinning, etc., these cases to be vigilant。