Treasury Department released the latest data show that in January this year, the country's total sales of lottery billion yuan, an increase of%。 Statistics show that in 1987 the first year of Welfare Lottery sales of 17 million yuan in 2017 to the National Lottery sales exceeded 400 billion yuan mark。
But many experts said that even after 30 years of development, China lottery industry in the "thirty" of the mark in many ways still hard to enhance the level of development。   Social welfare fund contribution is not just "Thank you for your contribution dollar for a good cause。 "When the reporter recently visited Beijing Xicheng District, a lottery betting, a 4 yuan to see Lottery 'Beijing 11 choose 5' lottery ticket printed at the bottom of this sentence。
It is understood that more than 55% of lottery sales ratio into the awarding pool, after deduction of the rest of the lottery fees, lottery for the bulk of。   Gaming Executive Chairman of the World Association for the Study, Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Chinese researcher Wang Xue Hong told reporters, in accordance with the proportion of lottery is extracted from lottery sales, the funds earmarked for social welfare social welfare, sports, etc.。 Overall, China's lottery sales of approximately 35% for the Community Chest。   General Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance responsible person had introduced lottery 50:50 distribution between the central and local governments, earmarked for social welfare, sports and other social welfare undertakings, government funds into the budget management, earmarking, balance knot turn under the continued use。 Centralized lottery basis of a percentage of 60%, 30%, 5% and 5% divided between the National Social Security Fund, the central special lottery, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sport。
  Data show that in 2017 the total welfare lottery sales reached billion yuan, an increase of%; national Community Chest to raise more than 62 billion yuan。 Since 1987 Welfare Lottery sales to the end of 2017, China's welfare lottery sales total circulation of more than 17,950 yuan, the National Community Chest to raise more than 537 billion yuan。
  "China lottery industry development contribution to society is not only reflected in the terms of the Community Chest, which plays an important role in the taxation of financial income, labor force, development of related industries, etc.。
"Wang Xue Hong said。
  "In addition, related to the lottery industry, such as printing, advertising, television, telecommunications and other industries have a large number of employees, plus some new lottery game development, such as open 'Charms online' hall of current national lottery industry can create nearly a million jobs。 "Wang Xue Hong said, the lottery will drive the advertising industry, the further development of electronic information, publishing and printing, promotion planning and other industries。
  Beijing Normal University, China Center for Lottery Studies researcher Chen Haiping told reporters, lottery sales has now developed into an industry, employing only betting had reached 300000-500000。
Meanwhile, the lottery industry but also around printing, design, software development, system operations, advertising and other business expansion, can be said to have formed a complete industrial chain。   Top-level design needs continuous optimization "As China's lottery market continues to expand, requires in-depth study of macro policies throughout the industry, in an effort to strengthen top-level design, better promote the development of China's lottery industry。 "Wang Xue red recommendation。
  It is understood that the State Council promulgated since mid-2009, "Lottery Regulations", finance, civil affairs, sports administration and other departments have formulated the "Internet sales of lottery Interim Measures," "Rules Lottery Regulations", "lottery management approach" "financial management Measures lottery," "lottery sales management approach" and other system requirements, to promote the legalization and standardization of construction lottery business。 About the place also introduced specific measures to strengthen the rules for the operation and management of the lottery。
  Our lottery industry, although 30 years had made great progress, lottery management rules and regulations continue to improve, lottery funds budget and financial management continue to improve, but still many problems。
Lottery funds audit results released by the Audit Commission in 2015, the audit found false taking, misappropriation, illegal purchase, illegal acquisition or construction of office buildings and hotels and the problem of illegal subsidies, the amount of the allowance billion yuan, accounting for% of the total funds checks ; involving lottery funded 854 projects, accounting for the number of checks items%。
Some places there is illegal use of the Internet sales of lottery, lottery funding and other issues idle。
  Many experts said that the current China lottery industry is still at a relatively early stage。 Mainly in marketing, game species is not yet fully meet the demand; the management level and degree of standardization to be further enhanced; the lack of research capacity and personnel training; the extent of the lottery industry market need to be strengthened, etc.。   "Solving these problems, from a more macro level, a more holistic point of view, research examining the entire lottery industry, for the future development of China's lottery drawing a clearer and more exciting blueprint to accelerate China Lottery towards the advanced stage from the initial stage。
"Wang Xue Hong said。   Chen Haiping said the collaboration with the general development of different lottery and tourism, hotel, gaming and other industries on the international development of China's lottery industry in relative isolation。
Chinese lottery required times, planning and development of the industry as a whole on the basis of ensuring lottery to raise the。 Lottery industry and the need to travel, games, culture, exhibition and other industry collaborative planning。
  Market is one of the important starting point of the lottery industry top-level design optimization。 Wang Xue Hong said the government credit and major public interests related to the lottery industry, requires highly monitored by the government。 Therefore, the lottery distribution and sales activities should be targeted by specific government licensed franchisee of specialized。
However, the nature of the franchise, does not exclude the lottery industry market。
For example, the introduction of lottery moderate competition, the practitioners have higher credibility, better employees, more specialized companies have the opportunity to enter the lottery field。   In order to promote industrial development pattern of "I basically every day to buy a few note, district live here。
"About a 70-year uncle told reporters in a lottery betting。 In the same day between 15:00 to 4:00, a total of nine people come to buy lottery tickets, purchase amount per person of 10 yuan to 20 yuan range。
Eight middle-aged man, a young woman。 "Fewer people this point in time, after the general from work, as well as former lottery, more people。 "A salesperson told reporters。
  In the United States, the number of lottery tickets purchased more than 90%, the United Kingdom, France has more than 70%, but the number of people buy lottery tickets proportion of 20%。 This shows that we have a great market space。 Data show that in January this year compared with last year, there were 30 provinces in lottery sales have increased。
Among them, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shaanxi and Shandong Increase more, year on year increase billion, billion, billion, million and one hundred million yuan。
  Experts suggest that consumer demand should step up research to better meet the public demand from the supply point of view。
New technologies and new channels, the lottery industry should be concerned and consider the application。
In addition, due to the complex characteristics of the lottery industry, professional and personnel requirements are high, we should attach importance to training and the use of professional, high-quality development for the lottery industry more kinetic energy reserves。   According to the China Institute for Lottery Statistics, Peking University, is currently the world more than 180 countries and regions have issued lottery。 Especially in recent years, the rapid development of lottery industry in the world, mostly among the top few lottery sales is a big country economically developed countries。 Relationship between government and the lottery are getting closer is a major feature of the world lottery industry。   "At present, the national and regional lottery, the government through licensing regime lottery monopoly of majority。 The advantage of this model is to facilitate the use of regulatory and raising lottery。 "Wang Xue Hong said。   In many lottery tickets North America, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions of the world have experienced the "Development – pause – then development" process, but eventually established the legal status of lotteries by legislative means。 "No matter what the principle of public welfare lottery national lottery is that it must uphold and maintain。
"Wang Xue Hong said。
  Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil Affairs in mid-2017 release "centralized support social welfare lottery funds management approach," clearly use the lottery should follow the Welfare Lottery "supporting the old, disabled, save the orphans, the poor," the purpose of the issue, It used primarily to finance social welfare programs to provide services for special groups elderly, the disabled and children, as well as consistent with the purposes of other social welfare projects。 The total lottery elderly welfare projects budget for not less than 50% of the total lottery。   How the World Lottery future trends?Many experts said the late start of the lottery industry countries, should improve the system and legislation to expand the variety and scale。 The developed countries in terms of the lottery industry is to explore the potential, including from manual to computer networking lottery lottery; lottery cash to credit cards by the lottery, go out to buy a home purchase, etc.。
"If we can unite together, to further focus on China Lottery, and a large pattern, the vision to promote the big industry, China lottery industry sales reached 500 billion yuan, 600 billion yuan or even more than one trillion yuan are possible。
"Wang Xue Hong said。