March 22, according to Korean media reports, due to space rents divergence, exacerbated by the contradiction between the duty-free shops and Incheon International Airport。
Silla, New World and other large duty-free shops to show a tough stance, or to withdraw from Terminal 1。   According to industry sources, SM, En Tasi (ENTAS), CityPlus, Samick settled in Terminal 1 Incheon International Airport duty-free shops in the small 16th of this month sent letters to the Incheon International Airport Corporation, down requirements on the basis of the current rent% narrow the gap with large companies in terms of operating expense ratio。   According to the existing contract, Incheon International Airport duty-free shops operating in accordance with the guaranteed minimum square gold and operating expenses, to pay high rents。 Operating expense ratio refers to the way the business side to pay the rent in accordance with a certain proportion of sales, most of the current duty-free shops adopt this approach。
  Because enabling the second terminal, the first terminal Front decrease in the number of passengers, Incheon International Airport Corporation said it would cut first Terminal Duty Free consistently% rental business side, after every six months according to the actual the number of visitors to re-rent settlement。