200 years of the history of pottery New Taipei City Yingge District is Taiwan's largest ceramics production, is called "Taiwan Jingdezhen", thousands of plants and more than 2,000 ceramic pottery shop gathered here。 Huang Zhengnan family for four generations to make a living in Yingge ceramics, ceramic hard at practice hard childhood skills Huangzheng Nan is now 40 years in the pottery industry。
  Studies in the late 1990s, Huang Zhengnan visit to Jingdezhen, the porcelain master of insight into the mainland eggshell porcelain works, had a keen interest, then he put energy into eggshell porcelain。   He began using the traditional ceramic materials, but each must be broken burn, he recognized the need to increase the ductility of the soil。
He often could not sleep at night, all night thinking recipes。
Later, he chose the British bone china, kaolin clay Japan and New Zealand developed exclusive formula, and precise control of temperature kiln。   "Fettling is another key, extremely difficult to repair once every blank burned once, to burn a total of 9-12 times, several times the initial cut with a razor blade, and finally by grinding。 Thickness of the entire bowl must be very uniform, a little uneven, is deformed in the process of firing。 "Said Huang Zhengnan。
  This requires bold but cautious, eye-consuming and wrist。 Every step is full of unknowns, the thinner the bowl, the lower the success rate。 He had countless failed many times, broken eggshell bowl can heap a mountain。
  "When production must concentrate, we believe it will be broken bowl。
So I usually make at night, and do not put the phone into the studio。 There was a time, breaking the bowl too much, that I have a phobia into the studio, hands will tremble, I can only silently heart a little slower, a little slower, let yourself calm down。 "Said Huang Zhengnan。
  Even eggshell make out, when the artist was painting mold and is also risky, I believe it will draw broken, if the stroke is too heavy, or too thick glaze, burning out the bowl there may be broken。   10 years time, Huang Zhengnan bowl rim 10 to produce more than 35 cm in diameter eggshell bowl, wherein the largest diameter of about 53 cm, fixed on a glass case in the studio, can not easily move again。 Taiwan earthquake often happens on such a thin bowl also pose a threat。   Huang Zhengnan say, 53 cm diameter bowl he had to draw up, and a small bowl of the success rate can reach two to three percent。   "Dancing Bowl" attracted a Norwegian painter painting done from afar on the bowl, the collection of household level sports car and Huang Zhengnan change bowl, let him become the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be the only exhibition in Taiwan potters, and many trips to the mainland exhibition。 In exchanges with counterparts in the mainland, Huang Zhengnan can produce new ideas, hoping to continue to innovate in the field of ceramic arts。
  Although Huang Zhengnan works to break the current world's thinnest bowl record, but because of the production process secret, he has not carried out the Guinness Book of Records certified。