March 21, in the Fairy Lake District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Kai Botanical Gardens light colorful tulips blooming variety, seven Hanada become a beautiful spring scenery。
Equinox season, many tourists taking advantage of the sunny weather to go outside, play outing。  It is understood that Zhao Chunliang taken, "Jiangxi nice view" Hong Kong-Gan research study-cum-investment series tourism promotion activities, Taiwan tourism promotion activities will be held respectively in May and June。
Jiangxi delegation to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions also launched a series of tourist market promotion and marketing activities。
  Jiangxi China currently sitting on the highest level of tourist attractions –5A level scenic spot 10。 Among them, Lushan Mountains in Lung Fu Shan and so is world-renowned scenic mountains and world heritage sites。
In recent years, Jiangxi tourism industry to increase efforts to consolidate Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourist market, have set up "Jiangxi tourism (Macau) Promotion Center" set up "Jiangxi Tourism Alliance (Hong Kong and Macao)."。   In order to attract foreign tourists, Jiangxi, had by the end of September 2017 until 2017, launched a four-month promotions: 5A grade scenic spot in Jiangxi province, some key 4A level scenic spots for foreign tourists with foreign passport (passport ) and free entrance fees within the Nanchang Changbei Airport flights (boarding pass) one week。
  Reporters learned that, in 2018, Jiangxi Province Inbound Tourism goal is 1.98 million inbound overnight tourists trips, tourism foreign exchange earnings billion dollars。
To accomplish these goals, the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Commission will study the introduction of inbound tourism to support the development of policies to support the development and implementation of the 2018 annual inbound tourism policies。