Parked in the parking lot of the bus。 CFP map "here there are 72 sealed vehicle, 'Ji AHX966' 'Ji A00908' Where?"At 8:30 on May 1, the first leg of Hebei Province Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Steering Group came CPPCC provincial authorities to check the bus storage case。
  "51" period, Hebei Province Commission for Discipline Inspection has sent 11 inspection teams to around thorough investigation, and formed two steering group to supervise the inspection work around。   " 'Ji AHX966' sealed in the provincial Department of Culture, we have to verify yesterday, 'Ji A00908' in the auto repair shop, where we have apply for maintenance……"Director of the General Office of the Chief Provincial CPPCC Wang Rui propitious We introduce the duty of the provincial CPPCC Deputy Secretary-Lan Po Leung arrived parking lot, and had brought a" vehicle "51" during the CPPCC Hebei authorities sealed Fact Sheet "。
Reporters saw, respectively, and each record the total number of vehicles CPPCC provincial authorities managing the vehicle model, license plate number, sealed case on the table, etc.。
  Lan Po Leung told the steering group and his party, after work April 30, they one by one to verify the vehicle storage case。
During the festival, special circumstances must have the approval of single vehicles, the guard before release。   Subsequently, the Steering Group also took to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection organs found good bus storage case。
  "Grasp the leading organs of the 'critical few', in order to lower the rate of more than。 But to discipline and the rules quite in front, we must also take control of most of the。
"Under the road rushed to a destination, comrades Steering Group, told reporters that the order to take control of 'most', in addition to their distribution checks at major hotels, attractions, shopping malls, but also introduced a" new tactics "- get high-speed road vehicle traffic during peak hours information from the transport sector, and handed over to the public security department to compare vehicle registration information, travel information to lock the bus, 'examination of the vehicle was increased geometrically, and verify the information faster'。 Editor: Qiaofei Xiang。