In life there are many foods can be used with nutritious, pork with taro is a good diet, physical can prevent cancer, how What is the reason it?Let us together look: Pork Pickle, cold resistance, antipyretic drugs, fill weakness, kidney Qi efficacy。
Modern medical studies suggest that pork contains large amounts of high-quality protein and essential fatty acids, can promote the absorption of iron, iron deficiency anemia improve。
Taro is rich in protein, and minerals。
Taro rich in nutrients, can enhance the body's immunity, it can be used as a staple food of cancer prevention and control。
Taro contains a mucin, absorbed by the body to produce an immunoglobulin, can increase the body's ability to resist。Taro is an alkaline food, can accumulate in the body of an acidic substance, adjustment of acid base balance。In addition, Taro also increase appetite, help digestion, with the effect of Bu Zhong Yi Qi。Taro and pork, are rich in nutrients, so eating at the same time can play a better tonic effect on the human body。
Taro and pork dishes, can be made into a variety of delicious, such as braised, fried, porridge, etc.。
Below pork with taro, taro pork porridge teach you specific production method: Prepare 250 grams, wash clean, add salt, mix well and set aside; 300 Kocse peeled taro Ding, open water, boil about spare; 150 grams of pork , 4 mushrooms, with cut into small, shrimp made to open standby; into the rice after boiling water, stir and cook until boiling, simmer low heat; and stir taro, mushrooms, pork usual method to fragrance added onions, shrimp, pepper powder, stir, to be rice flower pot, the fry pot material into porridge cook 5 minutes。