BEIJING, October 19, according to Panama "Latin Express" reported, according to news media Panamanian government official local time on October 15 evening announcement, the Executive Yuan Pakistan by Decree No. 552, to be summarized in the People's Republic of China apply for a passport stamp of entry in the list of countries of Pakistan, the cost of Chinese passenger, per visa is $ 50。
The picture shows the Embassy of the Republic of Panama where apartment buildings。 Panama Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 25 issued a statement saying, Panama set up Embassy in Beijing, the embassy has started the appropriate diplomatic and consular functions of all。
China news agency reporters Hou Yu and She Baodao pointed out that Chinese passport friends if they wish to tour Pakistan, to go to the Embassy of Panama in Beijing to get a passport stamp visa (VisaEstampada)。
In accordance with the applicant presented to the Pakistani embassy documents, conditions may even get a three-year multiple-entry visa。 Panama Immigration Service (SNM) and the Embassy in Beijing has been online, all hardware and software equipment and operating procedures are ready, within a short time Chinese people can begin applying for a visa。 Pakistani immigration spokesman said that for the visa application process, the way the authorities will strictly review, please applicant Gather all data files, so you can ensure the success of obtaining a visa。
According to official sources Pakistan, cost-per-visa is $ 50。 Executive Yuan Decree No. 552 was finalized with the signing by the two presidential AlexisBethancourtYau Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the Minister himself (MINSEG)。
Editor: Li Ruichen。