Married couples, with age, sexual desire and sexual activity than young age will gradually weaken, it is an inevitable trend in the development of human physiology。
But, after all, marriage is not a game, tired, you can give up。
If there is a long-term inter-sex couples will affect the feelings of burnout, or even lead to marital breakdown。
So, faced with sex fatigue, should not be overlooked。
Must start from the emotional, appropriately adjust the content of life, change the status quo in a rut, so sex regained the thrill of the honeymoon。 1.The number of sex does not define standards for some couples, the sex once a month is better, the two sides meet, and some people may love to do five times a week to feel satisfied。 This is individual differences, not force all。 As long as the two sides meet to-understand talk about their feelings, will be coordinated, not mistrust each other, otherwise it will form a vicious circle。
2.Sexual contact is not just sex sex life includes many aspects, not necessarily sexual intercourse every time accompanied by the excitement generated。 When women take the initiative to embrace you, not necessarily require you to the real thing, maybe she just wanted to find a warm feeling it。
How to eliminate the old couple's sexual Burnout 3.Regular sex marital affection useful life should also be planned in order to have the tacit understanding between husband and wife only in this way。 For example, some men would complain said: She usually likes to have sex until very late, but I just had no energy to at the time。
When the result of a wrong time, would not be happy with each other and sleep。 Visibility is important to plan ahead。
4.Change to the point when the two get along romantic pattern alone, candles can be lit dinner, or both legs covered blankets, chatting on the balcony watching the moon……Today, many couples choose to go to the hotel overnight from time to time, in a way to enjoy life, the mood is often particularly easy, either dilute pressure, but also enhance the intimacy of two people。