What is the post-holiday syndrome Chinese New Year holiday is over, but I believe many people are not ready for them to go into work, and in just the past Spring Festival, which even came to a post-holiday syndrome。
That in the end what is it post-holiday syndrome after the holiday following Xiaobian to tell us something about what is post-holiday syndrome, tell you to do these more healthy Oh!So what is it post-holiday syndrome, post-holiday syndrome refers to people after the holiday, due to the unbalanced diet, irregular life, excessive drinking and other reasons caused by physical symptoms。
For example, the feeling in the days after the holiday tired, very tired, low work efficiency, and even unexplained nausea, dizziness, gut reaction, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, and so on; the elderly difficult to adapt to the sudden recovery quiet day; children can not feel at ease in preparation for the upcoming study。
This is a typical "post-holiday syndrome" performance。
End the festival went into the hospital the hospital seems to have become accustomed to, every time after the Spring Festival holiday, followed by a peak attendance, eating bad stomach, drink a bad liver, cardiovascular problems, and overworked……They are flocking to the hospital。 These people often there is a problem in the holiday: 1.Meat and fish, drink it, so that the stomach greatly stimulated; 2.Late and sleeping late, irregular work and rest, let the body of war-devastated; 3.Eat less fruits and vegetables, lack of fiber intake, defecation, causing a large accumulation of toxins in the body; 4.Holiday choose to travel, thousands of miles back and forth, tired unbearable。