To further guide the banking industry focusing weakness, sinking service focus, "notice" continue to monitor "no less than three" to ensure that the total amount of small and micro-enterprise credit on the basis of steady expansion, focusing on credit 10 million yuan less for single-family ( with) the small and micro business loans, to propose new goals "two by two control"。
"Two by" total single-family credit that is less 10 million yuan (inclusive) of small micro-enterprise loans YoY growth YoY growth rate of not less than the loan, the loan is not lower than a year earlier, the level of households, "two control" that is reasonable integrated control cost of the loan asset quality and loan level small and micro enterprises; small and micro business loans outstanding quality of both sustainable growth regulatory guide。
  "Notice" specific request from perfecting the institutional system, improve service efficiency, improve loan payments, the implementation of due diligence exemption, make an inventory of credit resources, actively carry out information disclosure, emphasizing the commercial banks to go back to basics, focusing on the main industry, encourage the best use policies to achieve the small micro-enterprise financial services to quality, efficiency, power from the expansion of the "quantity" of banking reform。 (Ouyang Jian ring)。