What are the treatment of dry cough remedies?Cough fact, there are many types, dry cough is one of them, then you know what the treatment of dry cough remedies do?Following small to tell you about the treatment of dry cough remedies。 Cough and cold remedies to treat the symptoms of dry cough: cough and cold and more by the cold evil invasion, within the Yu lung, lung failure Xuan Wei caused, mainly as cough, phlegm thin white, itchy throat, often accompanied by nasal congestion, runny, sneezing frequently, chills, headache, limb pain, thin white fur, floating and tight pulse like。
A therapeutic method, ginger one hundred: one hundred 10 grams, 6 grams of ginger (bad beat), add water boiling for 20?30 minutes, to slag juice, transferred to a little honey, let the children several times, warm clothes。
2, apricot ginger soup: 10 grams of almonds (soaked and washed to remove the sheath tip, mashed), 6 grams of ginger (peeled, mashed with salt 4 g), 5 g of licorice (research to fine, Wei Chao ), mix well together, with open water into soup, and serve。
Wind-heat cough: cough or uncomfortable Ke Sheng muddy, sticky spit phlegm, yellow color, a small amount of bloodshot eyes, hard cough, thirst, sore throat, nasal flow of turbid tears; or fever, headache, afraid of the wind, micro sweating; tongue red, thin yellow tongue。
Therapeutic method of treating a dry cough remedies 1, almond Sangju: mulberry 9 grams, chrysanthemum 9 grams, 6 grams of almonds (mashed into the mud), wok decoction, juice three together, transferred to 15 grams of honey, i.e., may warm clothes。
2, pear juice: 100 g pear (enucleation washed, sliced), Fritillaria 5 g (smashed), 8 g Campanulaceae, wok, cook for about 10 minutes, then add 10 grams of chrysanthemum, cook 5 minutes, to slag juice, add sugar amount, you can warm clothes。
3, pear porridge: pear a fresh, chopped with skin, placed in casserole, add water, boiling for 30 minutes, to the residue and washing clean with 50 grams of rice gruel, to warm clothes。