How to effectively lose weight stovepipe things have always been concerned about the girls, if there is no doubt the words of radish legs is also very annoying thing。 So how effective it is more stovepipe Xiaobian below to tell us something about how to more effectively stovepipe, to help you bid farewell radish leg!How to more effectively stovepipe 1, first of all need to keep the body in a relaxed like body and a standing position, then slowly forward square leg straight and heel。 Needs to be obtained is the maximum upwardly, then the upper body forward is needed is to try some muscle is stretched rear leg。
2, sitting in a chair holding the above position, straight spine is required, then the hands is needed is supported on the seat, the left leg is the need to bend the knee, lower leg is perpendicular to the ground, then。 Right leg is stretched forward slowly is needed, the entire leg, then that is needed is to maintain a straight line, the instep of Kazakhstan is to be brought back slightly。
3, then relatively simple, you can find a piece of paper or a book can be very thin, with knees clamped legs, this action needs to point out the leg strength, but also try to grip with the knees book or paper, then hold time of about 3-5 minutes, you will feel sore leg slightest, which indicates that the effect has been that many flight attendants are using this method to stovepipe。 As shown in Figure 4, the palm of your hands is the need to close your legs, four fingers, then that is needed is close together, the thumb as much as possible is needed is a force that bet live leg muscles, then that is from heel lymph node obtained at the rotation speed of the upwardly-handed rotation direction too, is the need to reverse oh。 How to more effectively stovepipe 5, was taking a bath in the usual time, is the need to be on top of the legs, apply some shower gel, and then is just to find a table, and then is put one foot is required to stand, and then his hands are rub you, need a little of that with a little force Oh, is that you can be in accordance with the best from the thigh to the knee is then followed by the calf get this order, the best that can be felt next door tired , better at stopping effect oh!6, is just 30 centimeters away from the wall is kept at a stand, and then with both hands in the chest is flat, and the wall is pushed。
The first is that the left leg is needed is a giant step backwards, and that the right knee is bent, is required to form a lunge, there is noting to keep the left leg is straight。 For 30 seconds, in practice change sides。
7, you can buy a similar horn plates after each bath, apply some lotion in the legs, from top to bottom and then gently scrape down the stovepipe can play a good role。