[Wang iodine: kelp] and Ming Kunbu kelp, seaweed, seaweed is a large leaf Branch。Living in seawater, flexibility and long such as tape, it derives its name。A smaller volume of two products, three products, slightly lower quality, cheaper price。
Kelp has high nutritional value, iodine 240 mg, and 80% can be absorbed by the body, it is known as the "King of iodine" Kelp。  Nutrients: kelp protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, niacin and other trace elements iodine。
  Usage: kelp either stew can also be cold。Kelp salad, cool and refreshing, mellow taste, the most suitable for summer consumption。
  Health Effects: kelp Haner sweet, can Huatanruanjianpian, heat and Water。
Of dry seaweed above, a layer of frost powder。
This layer of frost kelp precipitate, called mannitol。It is an excellent osmotic diuretics, can effectively treat edema, ascites, renal failure embolism。Seaweed rich in iodine, but iodine is an important element of thyroid hormone synthesis, it can prevent endemic goiter。  Kelp is also rich in calcium, calcium can eat kelp, can prevent rickets and osteoporosis。Kelp contains laminin, having a lower blood pressure; also make blood cholesterol levels decreased significantly, thus hypertension, dyslipidemia, arteriosclerosis and have a preventive effect of adjuvant therapy。  Kelp is low in calories, quite beneficial in the prevention of obesity; there are kelp inhibit cancer, especially conducive to the prevention of breast cancer。
Kelp or longevity food。Data shows that regular consumption of kelp elderly, its prevalence can be reduced by 5% 8%, while the average life expectancy of 48 years old can improve。
  [King of vegetables: mushrooms, also known as champignon mushrooms], vertebral ear, Hong letter, winter mushroom, thick mushroom, mushroom。
It contains a unique flavor – fine mushrooms, mushrooms form a unique fragrance, so called mushroom。
Shiitake is a traditional famous mushroom in the world's first artificial domestication and cultivation。
Mushrooms nutritious, delicious, is regarded as the "king of vegetables"。  Nutrients: dry mushrooms grams per 100 grams of fat, 54 g carbohydrate, 124 mg calcium, 415 mg phosphorus, iron, mg。
Further, also contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin and proteinaceous matter and lentinan, asparagine, fat purine, trimethylamine, mannitol, trehalose and other active substances。
  Usage: edible mushrooms alone or with pork, chicken, duck, etc. with – since。
  Health Effects: mushrooms and sweet, flat, cool, have liver or kidney, spleen and stomach, puzzle soothe the nerves, raising the effectiveness of face。
Mushrooms are a high-protein, low-fat "healthy food", it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids accounted for seven kinds of。
  Mushrooms can play lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure。Mushroom juice can replace hypotensive agent, and no side effects。
Mushrooms There was a general lack of vegetables, wheat Zi alcohol, which can be converted into vitamin d, promote the absorption of calcium in the body。
  Scientists found that shiitake mushrooms contain ribonucleic acid, which can stimulate the body's white blood cells and reticular cells release interferon, and interferon can eliminate the virus in the human body, strengthening the body's resistance to influenza virus。Normal eat mushrooms can play a role in cancer prevention, cancer patients to eat mushrooms can inhibit the growth of tumor cells。
  [Natural Health Products: bracken fern is a perennial herb], another name of the leading food。Due to the form like cat's claw, also known as cat's claw dish。
Bracken young seedlings are edible part。It curled inward curved holding, cat's claw-like shape, was green, mature after stretch。Petiole brown, up to 3070 cm long; rhizomes will occur in the ground, outside one long dark brown hair, containing a large number of quality of starch, can distill fern powder。
  Nutrients: Per 100 grams of protein containing fresh vegetables g, fat grams, 10 grams carbohydrate, carotene mg of vitamin C35 mg。
It contains a variety of other vitamins and minerals。  Usage: to soy, fried, but also stuffed to eat, eat very much。
By chefs such as hand, can make a lot of delicacies such as pork fern, sweet clover fern, bracken dried shrimps, all well known of Jane dishes。  Indications: Bracken cold and sweet, phlegm, lower gas Hua Chang, stomach。
Indications diaphragm gas Fresh diaphragm, intestinal disorders wind heat toxin。  [Natural antibiotics:] purslane purslane grass, also known as the five elements, is blindly Chinese traditional medicines, but also a common delicious wild。Because of its dry food can be fresh, as when grain grass will do, and has a very good role in health care, so our folk called it "longevity food", "longevity food"。  Nutrients: Per 100 grams of protein containing purslane fresh stems and leaves Amaranthus grams grams of fat, 3 g sugar, grams of crude fiber, calcium 85 mg, phosphorus 56 mg, iron milligrams, mg carotene, vitamin (B1) mg, vitamin C23 mg。In addition, also contains a large amount of norepinephrine, potassium salts and rich in citric acid, malic acid, amino acids, alkaloids and other ingredients。  Usage: fresh purslane washed, after addition of water, stir to direct seasoned。
  Indications: cold, Pickle。
Detoxification, cooling hemostasis。For hot sera dysentery, carbuncles sore, eczema, erysipelas, Snake bites, blood in the stool, under the blood。