[World Wide Web Roundup] According to Japan's Kyodo News 21 reported that Japan's 196th regular Diet session will be opened on 22 May。 To achieve amend "the Constitution" as soon as possible, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will call for discussion in both houses of the constitutional review meeting。
Bills, around the Abe government as a way to work this session of Congress, the main policy of reform-related bills, etc., or the fierce debate。 In addition to the Friends of Mori, plus two dollars academy issues, the Cadets and the Democratic Progressive Party and other opposition parties also engaged in the development of supercomputers venture cheat subsidy issue of government accountability。   According to reports, the duration until June 20, for a period of 150 days, also the possibility of extension。
Abe will deliver the keynote address at 22。 Each party will be in the House of Representatives, 25th, 26th in the Senate launched a challenge in the 24th, 25th。 Last October the Liberal Democratic Party in the House of Representatives after the election victory, the ruling and opposition parties to change the allocation of time to ask questions also will be the focus。 Government and ruling party in early February for the 2017 annual supplementary budget is passed, the 2018 annual budget was adopted 3 months。   For constitutional change, Abe said given how will propose to the National this year should like to propose constitutional amendments by Congress during the year are also taken into account。 The focus is on the future during the Congress ruling party and opposition views the degree of integration of the routine, the Liberal Democratic Party hope that as early as mid-February to discuss the constitutional review in the House of Representatives will。   After April, the deliberations of the bill in both houses of the committees will be in full swing。
Avoid prolonged work on major labor reform related bills, the opposition strongly criticized the use of highly professional system will be part of the professionals from the working time limit objects culled。 In contrast to propose different solutions, also will test the opposition parties were fighting cooperation。
  In addition, the ruling and opposition parties clashed in the center of the casino is an integrated resort (IR) Enforcement Act。 Strengthen measures to prevent passive smoking, "Health Promotion Law" amendment to the age lowered from 20 years old to "Civil Law" amendment to 18-year-old also important。
  Opposition aspect of the comprehensive Sen Friends of Kake problems and supercomputers events to the Budget Committee as the center of ensuring governmental accountability。
About Forest Friends, Kake problems, particularly following last year's Congress and strive to further pursue the truth。 About supercomputers event, the opposition believes the company president accused of fraud have contacts within the Abe government, depending on the presence of political suspects is a private matter and requires explanation。