December 5, "We make a lot of money to engage in large-scale farming farmers to achieve a large-scale farming, and through contract farming mode, make sure to raise a chicken can earn three dollars, while the cost of borrowing only need 6 cents, cost-benefit ratio perfectly acceptable。
"In the fourth 'World Internet Conference · Wuzhen summit' of – on 'Internet and financial return, green, share' theme of the Forum, Jingdong financial President Chen Shengjiang this example describes the financial Jingdong 'digital agricultural credit' and the" fool agriculture " the farmers can bring benefits。 After Ding "personally" pig, Jingdong financial aid financial technology began to enter the field of agriculture。
Late last year, Jingdong financial launched digital agricultural credit。
From the literal point of view, digital agricultural credit mainly involves three key words: Digital, agriculture and loans。 In Chensheng Jiang view, digital agricultural credit also has three characteristics: First, based on historical production data quantitative model of agricultural production and farmers to farmers credit, mortgage-free guarantee; Second, through the production model to quantify precisely timed funds, quantitative inputs into the production process, give every penny of loans to farmers do not produce idle costs; Third, do risk management system for farmers, auxiliary information technology production management, automation。
In this mode, make a lot of money to engage in financial Jingdong large-scale farming farmers to achieve a large-scale farming, and through contract farming mode, make sure to raise a chicken can earn three dollars, while the cost of borrowing only need 6 cents the cost-benefit ratio perfectly acceptable。
The original 1 person can be farmed chicken shed 1, Jingdong now can make use of the financial system of the whole process of raising 2 shed, shed 3, even more。 Meanwhile, in the "fool agriculture" model, Jingdong into the financial system will come to realize the production of quantitative models and aquaculture management systems, environmental control systems open up the barn, and with artificial intelligence algorithms, each equivalent to a barn equipped with a farming expert, 24-hour non-stop automated regulation of aquaculture。
In addition to the different system automatically put feed and water, beyond the self-cleaning waste, but also take the initiative to monitor food intake and the amount of defecation and other identification chicken physiological conditions, by the sound of a rooster crows judged disease, chickens are sick there will be epidemics expert online doctor prescription……The current figure is still in agricultural credit 1.0 stage, according to Chensheng Jiang said digital agricultural credit will help artificial intelligence technology continues to escalate。 The new technology will not only be able to push this stage of rural finance more intelligent stage, even be able to push the entire agriculture and rural areas "fool agriculture" era。 In 2009, high-profile announcement "I want to pig," Ding Lei, really did cause the pig down。 Known as seven years to develop one of the "Ding pig", once in the online auction by the auction price of a pig to 160,000, on average, more than 800 pound, called the price。
Ding Lei pig industry and returned to their home NetEase Agriculture set up a brand – Central taste, won 1.A round of financing of 600 million yuan, which also includes a strategic investment Jingdong。 Jingdong Liu Qiang East have begun to follow Ding to enter the field of agriculture, but he raised not a pig, but chicken。 From the beginning of 2016 began, "electricity supplier poverty precise strategic cooperation framework agreement" Liu Qiang East and the State Council Poverty Alleviation and Development team has been signed as the focus of the poverty alleviation program running chicken。 Liu Qiang Dong said Jingdong set forth in the plan of running chicken: chicken must Jingdong stocking requirements, and to bring the chicken foot ring pedometer, just reach over 100 million steps, Jingdong will buy at three times the price。
And the Jingdong financial support in the financial sector, can also be seen in Jingdong depth extension of the field of agriculture。 In Chensheng Jiang seems, by digitizing and scenes of that can help business entities to discover problems and opportunities, more convenient access to financial services, achieve better development。 For financial services, the original need a lot of costs need people to do the work are replaced by machines, reduce service costs, improve service efficiency and service experience, but also enhance the coverage, can cover can better serve small and medium micro-enterprises and agriculture。
Through the network, Internet of things, aware of the new technology as the representative of the technology, big data and artificial intelligence, cloud computing, is making real economic behavior of production, services, and life gradually be digital, digital real economy digitized and lines of mutual opened, to achieve the integration of online and offline。 Try in the agricultural sector is only a small step to achieve financial Jingdong is "unbounded Finance": There are two unbounded financial connotation, one digital, and second, the whole scene of。
"There's no boundaries, no more refers to the upper bound of the range of services, rather than break through the regulatory framework。 "Chensheng Jiang said.。