[World Wide Web reports reporter Zhao Yi Zhen – Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for allegedly collect campaign funds from Libya, Gaddafi regime during the 2007 election, local time from the morning of March 20, was detained bailiff Nanterre。
According to the French daily "Le Figaro" reported March 21, at present, Sarkozy was indicted on charges of passive corruption, and judicial custody。
  It reported earlier, the French anti-corruption and anti-financial crime Tax Administration (OCLCIFF) located in Nanterre Sarkozy was interrogated。
After being detained for two days, the former president to return to his home the evening of 21 in Paris。   Judicial sources, Sarkozy denied the charges against, but still prosecuted, indicted on charges including passive corruption, illegal to raise campaign funds and other public funds and hiding in Libya。
  Reported that the investigation into Sarkozy began in the spring of 2013, the survey focused on misappropriation of public funds as well as active and passive corruption, and to expand tracking of illegal campaign funds in January。 Libyan officials say more than before the existence of illegal campaign funds, there are a number of Libyan officials denied。 Sarkozy and its surrounding personnel have denied the allegations。
  Wrote after the evening of 20, former French Interior Minister Bristol Hortefeux will leave at the end of the hearing anti-corruption and anti-crime bureau financial tax, about to clarify some of the details will be conducive to the end of a series of mistakes and lies。 French judicial authorities are trying to interrogate two other personnel associated with the case, one of whom was detained in the UK businessman Alexander Duri (AlexandreDjouhri), another man before Gaddafi cronies Shara (BechirSaleh)。