November 29 electricity in the remote West African country of Ghana, there is a popular with locals trust the Chinese clinic, not only the president who had acupuncture bar, but also attract patients neighboring countries come here, even in patients with specially coming from Europe see a doctor。
Founder president acupuncture treatment clinic took four guards Xiao wave already over 70 years old, still insist visits。
He said he first came to Ghana in 1985, "When my sister doing business in Ghana and Togo, so I come here to take a look around."。 I did not expect this to, but forged a bond with Ghana。
A chance, Xiao wave from the sister of a friend that, when he was President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings suffering from severe frozen shoulder, there is no cure treatment abroad。 Xiao wave (right) and former President Rawlings of Ghana photo。 "In the beginning, the president of acupuncture for dubious," Xiao wave of recalls, when "the first time to give him an acupuncture treatment, he was very tense, with the four guards escorted next。
"But the president doubts the efficacy of acupuncture is gradually dispelled。
After a period of treatment, the condition improved markedly Rollins, after all the difficulties he even raised his arms after treatment has been normal to salute, handshake。 Xiao wave of emotion, said: "President Rawlings very happy, praise the efficacy of acupuncture amazing, advised me to practice medicine must stay in Ghana。 "At the invitation of the President, Xiao wave to stay in Accra, Ghana's public hospital, in 1988 founded the first local private clinic run by foreigners。 From his side the clinic, while the locals to promote traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and therapeutic way, one thousand is 30 years。 The introduction of life-saving artemisinin legislation reputation clinic start-up phase, Xiao wave went through a period of trial period。
"The locals have concerns about Chinese doctors, acupuncture and other traditional Chinese therapies do not understand, this requires a process of acceptance。 "For example, many West African local epidemics, such as malaria, typhoid, cholera and plague, etc., at the time of the Chinese rare。
Xiao wave of research took a long time, before gradually accumulate clinical experience。 Since the early 1990s, he put artemisinin drugs developed by introducing domestic local clinical treatment, not only saved more lives, but also quietly establish a reputation of Chinese clinics。
In addition, the people of Ghana still retains traditional customs head heavy walking, a lot of people suffering from cervical and lumbar spine disease, and acupuncture and massage just an advantage in the treatment of chronic diseases such conditioning。 Chinese clinic has become popular with both locals trust the "old"。 "Opened in 30 years, never done advertising and promotion, can go today, relies on word of mouth in patients who。 "Xiao Bo said, now, a number of clinics often admissions from neighboring countries, such as patient Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Duo Gemu name comes, even in patients with a doctor specially flew from Europe。 Father and son soldiers into battle, we saved a bunch of IOUs Xiao wave of clinic currently has three Chinese doctors, including his son Hsiao can be good, as well as eight Ghanaian nurses。 Patients November 21, Shaw can be good (left) and another doctor Cao Ke finger injuries treated wounds。 35-year-old nurse Amelia have been working here for 10 years, first job after this is her graduation from nursing school。
In addition to routine care, she was also responsible for the translation in English and local dialects in Ghana。 "Our selection directly from nursing school graduates, training management in his own way," said Shaw can be good, "so that these nurses carefully selected to achieve our standards in every detail。 "Xiao wave stressed that the purpose of the clinic is the next save any case first。
"Sometimes patients are at stake, but no money to pay, let them or their families IOU, so rich yet again。 Because money can not delay the rescue of things。
"" Are saved each year down a bunch of IOUs, many later did the news。
"It says when the sentence, Xiao wave actually laughed," but I feel very proud to be able to do some good for the local population, duty-bound。
"(Xinhua International public micro-channel number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。