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Investors want to participate in some sort of relief and gold stocks classroom classroom, can be added。
  Since the end of the year approaching, some institutions of the combination of profit-taking early or front plate recent adjustments, especially when we see the 42 stocks hit bottom this week, there are 20 this year, rose more than 50%。
In addition, the end of the financial side is also facing many challenges, the recent bond market fell again, the 10-year bond yields was broken 4%, greater impact for the expected valuation of the stock market。 So in this market, the focus will be on how to switch, next year how the funds face the situation, how to develop strategies and picking it?Comin to do a Detailed。   The biggest feature of the market since mid-2017 is wheeled style categories。 1– spring offensive in February, March time new, safe male April, May, heavy power, new energy vehicles in June, 7– period of August, September, consumer, from October to November medicine。 Integrated A-share market environment at present, the end point to large financial categories style。
Recently brokerage, insurance, banking and other financial stocks collective transaction, the amount of amplification can show rapid trend。 Financial stocks market share is higher weights weight plates, the classification plate brisk performance this year, 3200-3300-3400 point integer mark, almost all rely on force plate while financial stocks breakthrough。 This year, the strongest insurance stocks, brokerage stocks the weakest。
China Ping An this big bull stock doubled this year, the largest rise over 130%; China Pacific Insurance and NCI largest this year rose more than 70%。
  Bank stocks, Industrial and Commercial Bank cities first high market value, for example, since 2017 the largest Industrial and Commercial Bank shares rose more than 50% of the total market capitalization of up to trillion; the same period, the Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, the largest annual increase of more than 30%; China Merchants Bank the best trend, the annual increase is topped 80%。
The brokerage stocks were the weakest, excluding time shares, the best performing China Merchants Securities and CITIC Securities is now an annual increase of less than 20%。
  Such market sector accounting for the weight is too high, but they often lead to market index in the "distortion" of the state, and this year the most real market experience, than the "make the index, but not make money."。 And after the baptism of new information management regulations, leading the financial sector can rely on customer resources, brand and once again lead the investment research and other advantages, to achieve "winner takes all"。
Such as financial products to break the rigid payment of small and medium banks unfavorable; CIRC recently penalized several small insurance companies, the leading insurance firms to further expand market share; third quarter performance reports from the point of view, self-brokerage business began to force, comparative advantage is a large brokerage。 Tamana think this means for some time, they are still active in the era of large financial stocks, regardless of insurance, banking and brokerage, are to be so, it is a relatively clear idea of the financial sector stock。   In the financial sector, the broker is the weakest, than banks and insurance is much worse。 We can clearly see from the performance of the brokerage industry index, the last strong gains, appeared in late August, but since August 29, to significantly weaken。 After entering in September, the market remained high and volatile run, but continuing weakness in brokerage stocks have adjusted, basically the rebound all fallen early。
Then they had a collective active in November, from the trend point of view, it appears to have copied the pattern before Yindie。 This is mainly due to the cautious outlook for capital, not recognized outside the bull put forward, after all, the world does not have a stock market bull market is based on ninety percent above the stock bear market, the bull market is not only a misnomer, too Unsustainable。 Therefore, the market is still a significant market volatility characteristics, structural differentiation focus is very prominent, it is important to investors, followed by a detailed analysis of such shocks in the stock cycle mode and operation strategy。 For more information, please refer to today Tamana microblogging Subscribe to the article "After the White Horse Unit, a plate ready to make trouble."。