Beijing at 2:09 on March 1998 (Italy local time at 19:00 on the 8th), the European Cup 1/8 final first leg match first four games, AC Milan, Arsenal lost 2-0 at home, ending 13 consecutive official games without and lost six consecutive games without conceding a goal, Arsenal stopped the race four straight。 Mkhitaryan scored the first goal and hit the crossbar, Ramsey expand the score, Ozil two assists。   AC Milan had only 18 European home 1 negative (14 wins, level 3)。 Gattuso three consecutive official games with the same starters, the continued pressure within Cutro had Kalinic and Andre – Silva played。
  Since the 2009-10 season, Arsenal has never reached the Top 8 World War, nearly three times WWI Italian race guests were defeated without scoring。
Beilai Lin, Monreal, Lacazette injured。
Jiujiang Aubameyang AC Milan did not play qualifications, Welbeck at center。
The last time the two teams met was in the 2011-12 season, the Champions League 1/8 finals, AC Milan in the first leg at home 4-0 victory, lost 3-0 away。
  Although assigned to the Arsenal 5000 tickets sold only half。
But packed San Siro stadium。 A moment of silence before the game for the Astori。 The opening eight minutes, Wilshere left the restricted area back to do, Mkhitaryan low shot in the side net in front of 13 meters。
Chambers in Cutro closing down under siege mistakes, 恰尔汉奥卢 steals plug left the restricted area, 10 meters in front of the inherent poke Cutro also hit the side-line。   Arsenal took the lead on 15 minutes!Calabria is off the field after passing errors, Ozil overheads on the left crossing the ball, stopping the chest buckle Mkhitaryan back on defense Calabria, in the top 12 meters in front of the door to score oblique , 1-0。
He was involved in 15 goals (9 goals, 6 assists) in the past three seasons Europa League, ranked first in midfielder。
Ozil end 612 consecutive minutes and no assists in the race history。   Suso OSPINA right pass is hit, Bonaventura left edge of the area after the point of the near post volley wide。 Welbeck back to do, Chambers closed front left foot volley was saved by Donald Ruma cross body。 Mkhitaryan counter ball, Welbeck left into the restricted area 12 meters away from the door is low shot Tanner Marvell confiscated。
恰尔汉奥卢 left corner, bonucci Zhengding far post 4 meters in front of。   First half injury first minute, Welbeck Road counter Bigeliya shovel pass was a bit to the left the restricted area, the distal end Mkhitaryan volley hit 11 meters in front of the cross member!After 3 minutes, Ozil forward pass, offside wading Donald Ramsey Ruma, the ball forward Buddhism, 2-0!2 assists Ozil campaign arranged, involvement Arsenal goals to reach 100 (37 balls, 63 assists)。   The second half, 恰尔汉奥卢 left return, Bonaventura at 24 meters in front of the low shot was confiscated Ospina。
Calabria right low pass, Bonaventura 11 meters in front Tuishe higher!He then cut inside the left above the H-gate。
  科拉希纳茨 handball booked suspected sprained ankle, is Maitland – replaced Niles。
Gennaro is replaced with Kalinic 恰尔汉奥卢, Andre – Silva replaced within Cutro; Borigni replaced Calabria。 AC Milan's cross from the left point after stopping Suso wide of the left oblique。 Huo Erding replaced Ozil。 Bonaventure pull the corner, Romagnoli target Zhengding。
Andre – Silva forward pass, Kalinic formation of single Ospina preemptive attack damage!Chambers replaced because of injury Eerneini。
Arsenal 2-0 final triumph。
  AC Milan (4-3-3): 99- Donald Marvell / Calabria 2- (Borigni 79), 19 Bonucci, Romagnoli 13-, 68- Ricardo – Lo Rodriguez / 79- Casey, 21 Bigeliya, Bonaventura 5- / 8- Suso, the 63- Cutro (69 Andre – Silva), 10 Pradesh Han Aolu (62 Kalinic) Arsenal (4-3-2-1): 13 OSPINA / 21 Chambers (86 Aerneini), 20 Mustafi, 6- koscielny, 31- 科拉希纳茨 (62 Maitland – Niles) / Ramsey 8-, 29- Zaka, 10 Wilshire / Mkhitaryan 77-, 11- Ozil (80 Huoer Ding) / 23- Welbeck。