Time stage of development 1935-1945 Annual Japan accounted Taiwan (1895) 40 years later, under international situation and pressure from all sides, it held its first session of the municipal councilors and village elections Street "member agreement" in 1935。 And is limited to "25-year-old man to pay tax vote and be elected" scope, democracy has little meaning, at most, for the Japanese colonial government's "democratic" an embellishment。 Continental Liberation War World War II, Japan returned Taiwan。
Taiwan KMT authorities reclassified Administrative Region 8 9 City County。 Direct elections for the grassroots village, in the long as well as representatives of the people of the township (district) selection; indirect elections for senators and provincial level work post selection。
In 1950-1969 Annual Kuomintang authorities opened the local office provincial elections, county, city councilors and county, city, village, town mayor。 Democratic recovery in mid-1969 after the "legitimacy" crisis "central representatives of the people," the general election conducted in Taiwan, the KMT authorities, "the National Assembly", "legislator", "monitors" were co-opted and election。
In 1972 the development of "counter-insurgency period increased mobilization of elected representatives quota central electoral methods", May 14, 1980 announced the "Public Officials Election and Recall Law to mobilize counter-insurgency period" (the "Election and Recall Law"), July 8, 1983 correction "election and Recall law"。 The overall election period century after Lee Teng-hui came to power 90 years, vigorously promote the "constitutional" reform, public election all the basic open。
And in mid-1996 to achieve a directly elected leader in Taiwan。