Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO 10 morning news, China's economic rise is driven by manufacturing and exports, "Made in China" and the "world factory" has become China's business card。With the Chinese economy began to transition, India is trying to re-take the road of China's development。"Made in India" has been a core part of Indian Prime Minister Modi's economic development plan, but for India is a difficult task。  The proportion of manufacturing industry in India is very small, so any development can bring more manufacturing jobs。Modi government plans to create 100 million new manufacturing jobs in 2025, but now that goal may seem unrealistic。Due to political pressure faced by the Government, "the growth rate of the manufacturing sector may not be standard," SG (Societe Generale) analyst said the case Kunar · 库马尔昆杜。  Last month, under enormous political pressure, the Modi government abandoned the "Land Acquisition Act" (Land Acquisition Act)。  Modi government wants India to become a big manufacturing country is not easy。Societe Generale said: "In the service sector accounts for the economy dominated, the dominant manufacturing sector re precedent has not yet appeared。"India's manufacturing sector accounted for the highest proportion of GDP was 16 percent in the 1980s, in 2013 less than 14%。  Manufacturing enterprises a major problem in India is too small。Societe Generale analysts wrote in the report: "Indian companies set up at the beginning of the scale is very small, and tend to stay small。"The main obstacle is the strict labor protection laws India, the so-called 'hard to employ easy to dismiss', so many companies reluctant to expand production scale。According to the OECD (OECD), the flexibility of labor laws in India is the second worst, after Indonesia。  Inadequate infrastructure is a major problem。I will not speak of failure "land acquisition Act," India's energy problem is very serious。India remains highly dependent on coal to generate electricity, but as a net importer of coal, "energy shortage, particularly coal, lead, although India installed capacity of 160GW, the actual generation but only managed to reach 100GW," Societe Generale said the case report。  In addition, analysts have begun for the Indian economy became more cautious this week, UBS (UBS) cut India's economic growth is expected, it is expected this fiscal year and next fiscal year the growth rate was 7.1% and 7.6%, while India's central bank [microblogging] and Wall Street are expected this fiscal year, an increase of 7.6%。India's second quarter GDP growth of 7%, lower than the first quarter of 7.5%。(Tony compilation)