"Asian investment bank to get approval so many countries and regions, unexpected。Just a year ago, many people still hold wait and see, skepticism。This result can be said to have a breakthrough, hard-won。"China Development Bank Vice President Cao Honghui, told China Youth Daily reporter。  2013, President Xi Jinping first proposed the establishment of Asian investment bank, which aims to support infrastructure development in developing countries in Asia。As of April 5, 2015, Asian investment bank to expand around 55 members。  However, with the circle of friends just the first step forward。Cao Honghui, said the lure investment bank has only just begun, there are greater challenges behind。"How Asian investment bank to establish an efficient management structure, how to attract high-level financial professionals, how to set reasonable rules of procedure, will be a great challenge, and how it is stuck in the integration of innovation in world economic governance a new path even more substantial challenge。"Hundreds of billions of dollars to make up the funding gap in the Asian Infrastructure Cao Honghui, it seems, came into being AIIB。In recent years, the world's fastest growing countries and regions, mainly in Asia。  The Asian Development Bank estimates, the next 8-10 years, Asia's infrastructure funding needs will reach $ 730 billion per year。However, the World Bank [microblogging] was only several hundred million dollars and the Asian Development Bank to effectively supply each year, and comes with a variety of additional conditions, human rights, environmental protection, etc.。In order to expand the Asian regional infrastructure financing capability, the parties moved frequent, such as the establishment of the ASEAN Infrastructure Financing Mechanism in Northeast Asia Development Bank, but limited by various conditions, it is difficult to put into practice。  "Asia infrastructure funding gap huge, is the basic cause of Asian investment bank to build and get points praise。"He said that the establishment and operation of Asian investment bank is expected to make up the funding gap, providing more adequate financial support for developing countries in the Asian region, to improve their infrastructure and promote regional interoperability, promote regional economic development。  China also has internal demand。Earlier, China put forward the strategic idea of building "along the way", and the implementation of the idea of the need for a financial platform as support。Now, with the financial platform, is AIIB。  In addition, the international financial crisis has exposed the existence of global financial governance。Over the past 20 years, the rapid rise of emerging countries, although the United States and Europe and still can not equate, but the gap is already greatly reduced。This objective requires a change in the pattern of world。However, to date, the global financial governance system was basically a continuation of World War II arrangements, dominated by developed countries。This caused resentment in many countries of the world。  take China as an example。In the existing multilateral institutions in China are in a relatively undervalued status。Founded in 1966, the Asian Development Bank, there are 67 members in 48 countries from Asia and the Pacific, Japan and the United States is currently the largest shareholder, holding respectively 15.7% and 15.6%, China is only 5 holdings.5%。In 2010, the G-20 meeting agreed to reform IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]), we decided to transfer the developed countries more than 6% of the share to emerging market countries, to enhance developing countries represented by China in the global the influence of the financial system。But the end result is that the US Congress refused to approve this program, nothing came of reform。  Since the current system can not meet the needs of all parties, the Chinese try to open a new path。  Why is sought after March 12, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that Britain will join the "Chinese version of the World Bank" – AIIB。This is quite surprising。Because "The move to ignore advice to US pressure and British diplomats in the country."。It also triggered France, Germany, Italy and other European countries to emulate。AIIB limelight without a moment two。  It is reported that more than British officials agreed that "we add the words have nothing to lose it?"In fact, by adding investment bank not only failed to lose, but will also be of great benefit。  Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar [microblogging] has been watching the progress of Asian investment bank。He told the China Youth Daily reporter, there are so many countries join, indeed, than their expectations。However, it is also reasonable reflection under。  "In the past 30 years, those who catch the express train of China's economy, there is a good development; and China who do not play, most of them caught long lost。Future Chinese economy has entered a new normal, although the rate slowed slightly, but the outlook remains positive, but with the enhancement of national strength, China radiation in Asia is growing, it is bound to drive regional growth。In this case, by adding investment banking, share development in China and Asia, it is undoubtedly a good idea, Europe's weak economic recovery, especially in their own。"He said。  Now, Europe had a hard time。The poor performance of the economy as a whole, 1% of the expected growth rate can not be achieved。The risk of deflation in sight, inflation has not reached the level of the European Central Bank [microblogging] set lower than but close to 2% target, the inflation rate in December 2014 is the emergence of a negative value for the first time in five years。Although the European Central Bank sharply turn on the water earlier this year in an attempt to restore its former glory, but people are not very optimistic about。Europe is eager to find a new path of economic growth。  "Jia Ruya investment bank, which means a huge market, huge opportunity, a huge investment in space。In the face of such a huge temptation, who can not heart?Although the attitude of the United States can not be completely ignored, but can not disregard the interests of their more。We want to seize the opportunity to strengthen all-round cooperation with China to achieve win-win development of。This is an important reason for the rapid expansion of Asian investment banking circle of friends。"Deputy director of the Institute of International Finance, said Bank of China Zong。  Cao Honghui, pointed out that Asian investment bank is bound to promote the region's economic recovery, the objective will be to promote the development of a multipolar world。Has extensive coordination in international affairs and regional cooperation experience of the Europeans, should be more clearly where the truth。  There will be a painful journey in the Asian investment bank when their friends of Sri Lanka but to the grounds of unfair trade, halt Colombo port city project。Sri Lanka is a key country in the "along the way", is the Chinese port city of Colombo to invest $ 1.4 billion in large projects。Such twists and turns has aroused concerns。It was to remind Asian investment bank, the road ahead is not smooth。  In this regard, Zong said that the country "along the way" involved in very diverse, different cultures, different religions, different systems, different levels of development, how to cross the layers of obstruction and common development, the Chinese government will be a test of the wisdom of things。In AIIB internal member states from all continents, different aspirations, different backgrounds, how coordinated, mutual trust and common profit, is not an easy task。  Cao Honghui, then put it more directly, AIIB most of the investment target country are considered underdeveloped, backward economic and social development, low governance capacity, political instability, even in the face of geopolitical conflict, religion, ethnic conflict and terrorism threats, how to maintain the security of these infrastructure investments and stable operation, management is an important task in the future Asian investment bank to be solved。  Standard & Poor's, the international rating agency Fitch credit rating of the national sovereignty of countries, many Asian countries are in the second division the following credit rating。  The Stimson Center researcher Sun Yun, suggests that Asian investment bank financing has not yet formed a fixed mode。Chinese foreign exchange reserves or may issue special treasury bonds to Asian investment bank project financing, but other members of the Asian investment bank, it is difficult to have such a degree of financial flexibility。Despite the dismantling of the industry, PPP (public-private partnership mode) and other financing models are likely to be Asian investment bank, but observers believe that, due to the lack of strong credit ratings and credit guarantee system, AIIB future funding may encounter certain obstacles。  Positioning Asian investment bank of multilateral commercial banks, rather than development aid agencies, it also means that Asian investment bank to pursue a certain return on investment。The field is set by its long cycle, the amount of financing, difficulties in profitable infrastructure, combined with geopolitical and economic risks in these areas, more needs to test the ability and level。This is for a newborn institution, no doubt there will be a painful journey。  Said Cao Honghui, how AIIB into existing international financial system is another test。"Asian investment bank, have a profound impact on the existing international financial institutions such as the World Bank, ADB, etc., as well as a number of international financial institutions, commercial financial institutions, because it consists of credit sovereignty of States, the level of its bond issue credit rating and standards will affect the national financial market benchmark issue, the benchmark profit level, the impact is far-reaching。Of Asian investment bank in terms of how to control the efficiency of capital markets at both ends of the assets and liabilities, how to control risk, but also a challenge in itself. "。  How build AIIB chops whether China has the ability to successfully operate AIIB been much skepticism from the outside。After all, China has no experience operating multilateral development institutions, projects, knowledge base and the corresponding institutional mechanisms。  In response, researchers believe that Asian investment line of business both learning and innovation。Some scholars have pointed out that Asian investment bank should be self-defined as "students" in the course of the "teachers" of learning, the initiative for consultations, establish long-term cooperation mechanism based on infrastructure investments and leading multilateral development banks, so that different Category multilateral development agencies and regional mutual integration and common development.。  Asian investment bank multilateral interim secretariat Jin Liqun Secretary-General has also said that Asian investment bank is to work together with all Member States in creating a new multilateral financial institutions, will be broadly representative of the interests of all member states, to fully draw on existing multilateral development agencies good practices and experience, and be innovative on the basis of。  "In early March, the interim secretariat of the Asian investment bank organized a seminar AIIB run policies from the World Bank and other multilateral development institutions 4, including a number of the United States, Japan, 36 countries and the private sector, well-known think tanks 100 attended the event, we are determined to manufacture a good security policy, we are more determined to implement them in the actual investment is good, execution is good, AIIB the world bank, ADB is a complement, but not replace, is to improve the existing international financial order and promote, rather than subversion。"Jin Liqun said。  Jin Liqun said, "the vast land of endless Asian continent, Indian Ocean and Pacific mighty, fully accommodate all of these institutions, we believe that never stepped on each other events occur."。  However, the Asian investment bank will not copy some ready-made model。In the recently held "2015 Annual China Development Forum", the Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao noted that Asian investment bank in Asia to meet the financing needs of the premise is "in accordance with best practice."。This immediately met with Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei of China to refute, he does not agree "best practices" this statement。He believes that some of the rules the West is not the best, and some is a more bureaucracy, which is the need to reform existing multilateral financial institutions reasons。  In philosophy, governance and financing policy, the Asian investment bank has a clear position。In the philosophy build on Asian infrastructure investment bank supported as a means to achieve sustainable development, with the ultimate purpose is to develop, promote equality and inclusion common prosperity of mankind。  Cao Honghui, said that Asian investment banks in the first round score, a win in the "Road", rather than how smart is the "policy", in the future it will continue adhering to the "win-win cooperation, open and inclusive, seeking common ground," the spirit, together with other countries build a community of interests, community development and community of destiny, so will go further and better。