"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 15 reported: Gerry Postman eventually leave Atletico, Barca need to start as soon as possible a plan B。Last summer, Neymar before leaving Barcelona in early August。Due to the lack of plan B, Barcelona was very passive on signings。Dembele was blackmailed out of 1.4.5 billion euros worth, Kudiniao is delayed until the winter before finally joining。Today, Barca do not want a repeat of the nightmare。"No Gerry Postman, Barcelona now how to do?"" Daily Sports Daily "questions。Gerry Postman give up to join Barcelona, which means that Barcelona can put one hundred million euros transfer fee to put on other signings。Erickson is an important goal of Barcelona, if we can introduce Tottenham midfielder, Barcelona can Kudiniao pushed to the left wing position。"Daily Sports Daily" also pointed out that Barcelona is even possible poaching Salah。Messi moved in Luneimaer leaving the team on the occasion, Salah ability to break through Barcelona is urgently needed, he and Dembele may form two critical points in the wing。But the introduction of Salah cost is very large, "Sun" that he is worth at least 200 million pounds。 Salah Eriksson and very powerful, but the difficulty really is not small signings。"Daily Sport newspaper," noted Paris Taobao is a more realistic option。In the end of this month, Paris Cleaning players need to rely accounted for 60 million euros to finance the review by UEFA。In the midfield line, La Biao and Wei Ladi Barcelona are the two main target of the investigation, it was worth 50 million euros and 70 million euros。La Biao France for refusing to serve in the country and condemned the spare tire, Wei Ladi once wanted to join Barcelona last year, this season, his performance is not good。Up front, Barcelona may also consider the introduction of Cavani or Di Maria。31-year-old Cavani this season, scored 40 goals and 12 assists, his worth is 60 million euros。30-year-old Mary this season, scored 21 goals 12 assists, his worth is 40 million euros。Last summer, Mary and Barcelona and even negotiated a contract, but the transfer fee differences and ultimately stay in Paris。