Data for: Huawei booth。 Reporter Peng Dawei photo Beijing March 22 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Huawei 22, issued a statement in response to news the US electronics retailer Best Buy (Best Buy) the sale of Huawei phone, saying "fully understand and respect their choice", and Huawei's sales through retailers represented in the United States and other products meet the terms of security, privacy and engineering industry's highest standards。   According to media reports, the largest US electronics retailer Best Buy has stopped buying the latest mobile phone from Huawei, and will stop selling its products in the coming weeks。
  In response, Huawei said, we attach great importance to relations with all partners fully understand and respect their choice。
In view of the requirements of commercial confidentiality, it is not convenient to disclose details of bilateral cooperation。
  Huawei is the world's third largest smartphone vendor。 Huawei said in the United States by a number of leading retailers sell products, products sold in the US not only met the highest industry standards and other aspects of security, privacy and engineering, are also certified by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of。   Huawei said in a statement, the global TOP50 operators in 46 sales and use Huawei products, more than 170 countries around the world business users and consumers are safely use Huawei products。 "We also hope to gain the trust of American consumers, and provide them with convenient purchasing service。 "In February, the US carrier ATT to cancel cooperation with Huawei Huawei Mate10Pro smartphone sales plan, followed by Verizon operators have stopped selling Huawei cell phone plans。 (Finish)。