What are the nutritional value of peas snow peas can be said to be a very common dish, I believe many people have eaten this dish, because it is very nutritious, the nutritional value of peas which have together and go and see small series!The nutritional value of peas snow peas which have a high nutritional value, it not only has a certain health effects, and its therapeutic effect is very powerful, not only can the spleen and stomach, Tom Lee stool, but also can prevent cancer carcinogenic, beauty, and even used to treat athlete's foot, enhance immunity。
Life, we must take advantage of the nutritional value of good snow peas, and use it to enhance physical fitness。 Vitamin C in sugar pea leaves and pods of the Netherlands and enzymes which can degrade in vivo ^ nitrosamines, nitrosamines can be decomposed, has anti-cancer effects。
Peas and vegetables in general different from, the acid contained in the locking branches of a tree, and the gibberellin plant lectins and other substances having antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhanced metabolic function。
Contains abundant in peas and sugar pea dietary fiber can prevent constipation, have a role in bowel。 Snow peas health effects 1, Tom Lee large intestine, snow peas are rich in crude fiber, can promote bowel movements, will be able to maintain a large smooth, clean play a role in the large intestine。 2, enhance immune function, peas rich in various nutrients needed by the body, especially those containing high quality protein, can improve the body's resistance to disease and healing powers of。 3, anti-cancer, cancer, peas is rich in carotenoids, after eating prevented synthesis of human carcinogens, thereby reducing the formation of cancer cells, reducing the incidence of human cancer。
What 4, the role of beauty there is the nutritional value of peas, snow peas are rich in vitamin A former, vitamin A in the body could have converted into vitamin A, has the effect of moist skin, because it is generally from food intake, does not produce toxic side effects。
Snow peas snow peas toxic it is very common in everyday life kind of food, snow peas are rich in nutritional value, to enhance the body metabolism has a very important supporting role, is listed as one of the Western countries the main edible vegetable varieties。 In the United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries it is very popular。