"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 reported: as favorites to win the World Cup, the Brazilian team alive in the preliminaries with a warm-up to prepare for the role Neymar demonstrated a powerful and successful host Kudiniao。Today officially unveiled at the World Cup, the Brazilian team on the left side of the storm is still thinking clearly, after three people forced to rely on with the next storm to honor the follow-up goal, the Brazilian team against the Austrian team is focused on training about tactics and no subsequent contact play。Case Teeter put on the right side of Augusto increase Zhisai the series, Jesus and Phil minoxidil are given a better chance in the penalty area, but the bad luck Brazilian team did not score again。The overall good performance of the Brazilian team, overwhelmed appearance can only give a passing score。 Lineup] [Brazil Lineup: 1- Allison; 14- Danilo, 2 Tiago – Silva, Miranda 3-, 12- Marcelo; 5- Casemiro (60'17 – Fernandinho), 15 Paulinho (67'8- Augusto), 11-Kudiniao; William 19-, 10- Neymar, Jesus 9- (79'20 – Phil minoxidil) Substituted not appearances: Edson 23-, 16- Cascio, Fage Na 22-, 13- claudio Munoz, Geromel 4-, 6- Felipe, 21 Tyson, 7- Douglas – Costa Switzerland lineup: 1- Suomo Er; Lichtsteiner 2- (87'6- Michael – Long), 22 Funchal, 5-A Kanji, 13-R – Rodriguez; 11- Behrami (70'17- Carriacou), 10-Zaka, 23 Sacchi, 15-Mathieu had become the Queen, 14-Zubair; 9- Seve Lowe Qi (80'7- Enbo Luo) Substituted not appearances: 12- Muwo Ge, 21 Buer Ji, Mu Banjie 3-, 4- El vaidya Zhu Lu ,, 20, 8 Florence Ille , 16-Gelson – Fernandez, 18 Jiafu Lan Norwich, 19 [del Mickey effective storm left side, but tough tactics abnormal Switzerland logging firm] and Neymar Augusto has to rely on injury Gap, Kudiniao gradually made more and more good warm-up match play, which laid the foundation of his starting position in the hearts of the Teeter。He and Marcelo, Neymar Selecao build a new storm system left side, on the offensive end has a theoretically more offensive。In the limit for the Swiss team, this tactic is still strong fighting broke out。Figure 1: Brazil is very strong storm left side carried out, Neymar, Coutinho, Marcelo left side of the storm is not completely limited by the Swiss team's defense team。Moreover, the left side of Brazil's storm brought oppression, the Swiss team did not make the ability to increase protection outside the perimeter, so good at long-range shot Kudiniao arrow through the clouds in their own area of expertise。Although the storm left side of the Brazilian team demonstrated the role, but also suffered a tough restrictions Swiss team: they seek hardness full closing down logging tactics, the Brazilian team in the whole match left side trio suffered a total of 19 violations , Neymar one person was brought down 11 times。Figure 2: In addition to building a cutting line in the midfield, Switzerland attaches great importance to grab midfielder Neymar alternately restrictions on the ball, even if the figure above Neymar to rely on technology to achieve personal goals aside extraordinary, Switzerland also directly Neymar foul ball tactics with extraordinary but。[Link about no follow-up effect, the effect is proud to show the lack of luck debut] to warm-up match against Austria tactical debugging reference point within William income and Coutinho, Neymar expand ties to the Brazilian team's attack has once again lifted may。In this game, the Brazilian team was great attention to increasing about this link, a job transfer from the left to the right, showing the use of space。Figure 3: Increase the transfer of the left Wang Youce, Brazil has significantly connections。We can see by the chart, after forcing through the left side of the trio of Brazilian team assigned to the right side of William, the successful operation of the ball to the weak side of the defense。But the case, William ball at the opponent Danilo afraid steals back together with Marcelo adductor Road some "waste", William's pass did not find his teammates at the opponent's tight defense。In the subsequent rotation, although William has good ball-handling, but he did not get the trio left side of the same tactics when contacting the left side effects。In order to increase the contact that the left and right, teeter after replaced by Fernandinho Casemiro increase transmission control, replaced by Augusto Paulinho good forward runs, the core purpose or Zhisai increase in series with the right, to make up for relatively William monotonously attack on the sidewalks mode。Figure 4: Coutinho and Neymar left forcibly break open after closing down, the thermal center Jesus exhibit powerful personal ability to transfer rear ball。At this time, Augusto forward runs ribs and sent straight to Jesus, is the teeter on the offensive end for the purpose of seeking improved maximum。However, in the case of Jesus opponents have pulled down, the referee has not been identified as a foul。[Targeting Brazil and the left side behind the attack line in conjunction with the Swiss team with clear ideas] with the Brazilian team offensive play has more stable compared to the Swiss team's offensive ideas is seeking to counter punch behind the left side of the Brazilian team at the limit。Perhaps inspired by this model from Brazil and Russia warm-up match, the match in Brazil in the case of lack of war Neymar on the left side arranged Douglas – Costa Kudiniao – Marcelo storm combination。However, Douglas – Costa stick to the sidewalks, lack of defensive ability Coutinho, Brazil frequently rivals by storming to counter this side。Figure 5: The left side of the double-team defensive back strategy。You can clearly see by the chart, the left side of the Brazilian team after the storm steals organization, the Swiss team is seeking quick impact on the left side behind Brazil。In the middle of the organization lun ah turn, Coutinho and Neymar on the defensive end does not give adequate protection to help bring Marcelo and Swiss team on the right to get a pass for the two-bit Marcelo opportunities, and eventually formed the shot。Although in recent years has increased the pass control and controlled style of play, but the Swiss team sought to counter the speed and winger tactics is quite obvious。Brazil winger recovered using the vacancy caused by inadequate, the Swiss team's idea is to divide the ball side, and then make the final opportunity to pass。Figure 6: is then passed from the high points while playing behind him, the final pass in the manufacture of important Swiss team tactics。 Brazil's low-post defense is not doing bad, the Swiss team not as good as in the case of control in Brazil, did not break the gaps in trench warfare, relying on positioning the ball just scored a controversial goal。[Conclusion] Although the draw with the Swiss team, but Brazil compared with France, Germany and other popular champion, or show a more mature and better routine rotation situation。After all, in the previous 30 games, the Swiss team only lost away to Portugal in the last 17 games and conceded just seven goals。In the case of Kudiniao successful host, the storm left side of the Brazilian team, although met with logging tactics, but still sharp。If William can better increase associated with the left, and Danilo better on the offensive option, the Brazilian team's offense is still worth the wait。